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Braggin' time!(oldest system)

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#1 Dexter


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Posted 15 May 2000 - 07:09 PM

Ok, so what's the oldest system you've ever owned or had the privlidge of using?

Well I'm not too special but I've used a IBM PCjr.

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Posted 15 May 2000 - 07:36 PM

A TK 2000, a Brazilian AppleII clone 48K ram, massive storage a cassette tape deck recorder, before got an external 51/4 Floppy, still in the attic, maybe I'll try to boot it again, je je, not working since 14 years...

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#3 Josetann



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Posted 15 May 2000 - 09:40 PM

My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, also used cassette tapes to store information (it did have a cartridge drive for space invaders though).

#4 Guest_GearHead_*

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Posted 16 May 2000 - 09:33 AM

Commodore Vic20 baby! With the 16k expansion cartridge I was kicking ass and taking names!

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#5 Guest_lanwizard_*

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Posted 17 May 2000 - 02:00 AM

My first computer was a TRS-80 PC-1 Pocket Computer in 1976. It came with only 1.5K of RAM, which 1424 bytes of it was usable for Tiny BASIC programs to run on it's Intel 4004 processor. It had a one line, 16 character LCD display and micro chicklet keyboard. It ran off of two watch batteries and it cost me $250. I bought the tape drive base for it so I could load and store programs on cassette tape. I eventually upgraded by getting the printer which used cash register tape rolls for paper. I still have it and it still works. After a few years, I upgraded to a "REAL" powerful machine, the Commodore VIC-20.

#6 Openfriday


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Posted 22 May 2000 - 04:32 PM

amiga 500. damn, i wish i still had that thing. it was/is kickass. i had about 100 games for it, dual joysticks. oh ya....

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#7 Guest_AceUser_*

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Posted 19 September 2000 - 03:42 PM

The oldest computer I had (OK, my parents had because I was the only one [and still am] in my family who understands computers) was a TRS-80 Model III w/ a cassette tape drive. Thank God for hard drives!

#8 Guest_MaJiK_Friend_*

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Posted 21 September 2000 - 06:16 AM

MAN! did I ever want one of those TRS-80s at the time. They were K00L!!! 8)

At the time I had the Super PET at my disposal... Not mine personally, but I had complete open access to it. I think that was the Super Pet anyways? Maybe it was still the Pet 2000?

Maybe the latter because I felt pretty big in the pants getting to use that old 8.25 Floppy drive on the Super Pet?

All I can remember well of the P2000 was Space Invaders. (and that damned tape drive!) :)

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#9 Jandar



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Posted 19 October 2000 - 06:22 AM

I remember my Vic 20. Damn fine system. Tape drive and all. Took all day to load a game, but was fun as hell.

#10 Guest_acid drip_*

Guest_acid drip_*
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Posted 20 November 2000 - 10:36 AM

i have a compu color its got an 8086 in it and it predates dos it has basic on it, its really a speical tv with a bus cable that run to a 5 1/4 disk drive and a keyboard, it has a plug for a modem hehe, i think the copyright is 72

#11 Guest_mattd67_*

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Posted 31 January 2001 - 01:25 PM

The oldest working system I have is a DEC PDP-8 circa 1972. IT still runs and I have a terminal hooked up to it. Anybody who enters my room gets an ear full of boops and beeps and a bunch of kool lights. I might be procuring an Altair Mips PC still in Kit form from someone soon.

#12 rdc



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Posted 17 June 2001 - 01:42 PM

my oldest computer was an atari st with a 750 floppy and no harddisks .I think 2mb ram .

#13 Guest_eLvis_*

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Posted 24 June 2001 - 05:35 AM

sinclair QL, dual microdrives! now that was a computer, hehe.

#14 The_Flames



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Posted 25 June 2001 - 09:45 AM

Anybody rembers the C64 - I do but my first computer was the Atari 400, it had some kool games :o)

#15 Guest_SeaBass_*

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Posted 25 June 2001 - 11:53 AM

Does anyone remeber this little jingle?

I adore my 64,
my Commodore 64.
I rate with it, create with it,
telecommunicate with it,
my Commodore 64.

I've still got my whole system including games. (Ultima 4!!!)

#16 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 17 July 2001 - 02:42 PM

Yup I had a C64!! I remember it was 100 when I was 8, my dad told me gameboys were crap, and he got me a C64! Anyone remember Flimbo's Quest, by System 3?!?

#17 Guest_Zeke_*

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Posted 13 August 2001 - 04:17 PM

How about a COSMAC ELF with an 1802 CPU & HEX keypad? Built from Popular Electronics, (I think about 1972). Use a TV as the monitor with RF converter or direct video into the TV inards.

#18 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 26 September 2001 - 12:08 PM

Still have it original in the box with manuals....

Timex-Sinclair 1000 - with a WHOPPING 16K of memory! :)

I should fire it up and play with with it, well maybe when I'm retired and don't have so much studying/research to do.

#19 Guest_Pandelirium_*

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Posted 29 September 2001 - 02:58 AM

Oldest owned - Altair of some sort - 'got rid' of it for $50 - WHAT was I thinking? Paid $10...

Second oldest owned/still do - Amiga 1000 or IBM PC (8088-4.77mhz/640k/20Meg -MFM-HDD/CGA/BASIC loader Cassette/8" External Dual Floppy drives and 3"[720]+ 5"[360] Dbl density FDD)

Oldest system used - Bourroughs cir.1970s and an old CRAY - Late '60s - it was used for the Space program (have VERY little exposure using it though)

#20 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 04:22 PM

The TI 99 4a I loved my little machine too. I remember hours playing keno and making a tiny gorilla throw explosive bananas. Wish I still had it...