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Know nothing about overclocking..but can i do this

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Guest_Space Between_*
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 10:13 PM

i got a amd k-7 1.33 and 512ddram....it supposed without any push have a fbs of 266...can i over clock this thing,..,i have always been weary of overclocking becausei heard it shortens cpu life GREATLY.

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Posted 03 October 2001 - 03:06 PM

The Ahlon can be overclocked by both multipier settings and bus speed.
Both should be adjustable in the bios. Bus speed is easy.
However, multiplier settings (bios or jumper) will only work if the CPU is unlocked.
If the CPU is locked, you will have to use a conductive pencil to electrically connect some bridges at the top of the CPU.
See toms hardware or anandtech for details.

#3 Guest_meV 0_*

Guest_meV 0_*
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Posted 04 December 2001 - 12:02 PM


I agree with you that overclocking shorten CPU life, but it depends on how often you do upgrade your computer.

4 years ago, fastest desktop processor was 450Mhz now the've already hit 2 GHz. I cannot recall the exact price at that time but P3 450 was priced at higher price than what P4 is priced now.

Processor estimated life is 15 year !!!. Suppose someone is running 12 years old computer!!. I think 8 Years is a lot for a processor life, if you really what to have a long living computer, then you can overclock a little bit to get back part of your money (in the form of time -Mhz) you spend to buy a PC.

I am currently running Celeron 800Mhz @1160Mhz I was running it at 1200Mhz but It wasn't that stable (Because of crappy memory) so I decided to slower it down.

If I really don't want to burn the processor,then I'm gonna run it between 900-1Ghz ---

Overclocking is Cool when...

When My PC's Celeron 800 reached a limit (higher than 1200Mhz) my computer could not start, room temperature was 34 degrees, I had to switch on Air-con because I was too lazy to open a computer case.