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Overclocking on a budget

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#1 Josetann



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Posted 16 August 2000 - 06:25 PM

Ok, I think I can sell my 333 celeron system for about $575 (I know, I've tried before and I'll probably be stuck with this PC till the day I die but...). I'd like to know what you guys think is the best deal for overclocking. Should I get a duron, a 533A celeron and hope it does 1066, perhaps cough up a little more dough and get a t-bird? The $575 has to include the monitor, so you see I'm on a budget here.

I do appreciate any full system recommendations, but am currently just curious to which proc you think'd be best. It doesn't have to be much of a system, as this is just my secondary PC used for mainly surfing the internet.

#2 Guest_Gump_*

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Posted 16 August 2000 - 10:53 PM

Celeron [email protected] That's what I've got and I think it's a great deal for a $100 CPU.

#3 Guest_Hilgy_*

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Posted 28 June 2001 - 06:28 AM

Go for the T-Bird, really. Can also be pumped up and is fast as hell!