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Game review

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Posted 13 November 2005 - 11:18 AM

Well I hope this will be long enough. This is my review for the game monster hunter.

Monster hunter is a RPG/action game for the playstation 2.
In monster hunter you are a member of a “primitive” village (they have “bow-guns” in this game you do various quests that have a time limit of one hour usually. You kill various monster including dragons, wyverns and cats with bombs strapped to their backs.

Some great things about it are:
The amazing 3D graphics in all parts of the game.
The cut scenes for each wyvern or dragon boss. (About 30 seconds a scene.)
The massive amounts of weapon and armor combos.

Some bad things are:
On the Offline world there aren’t many heavy bow-guns.
A blade-master can’t wear gunner armor.

Ratting out of *****
Action *****
Storyline ****
Fighting system ********** (ya its that good)
Online play *****
Offline play *****

This game starts out easy but get really hard. The last set of missions you have to fight the strongest offline wyverns and in one mission two at a time, and this is all when the strongest non-wyverns are attacking you in packs.

Monster Hunter has five groups of quests and a group of all wyvern quests offline and online is when you can gain experience. However experience does not make you stronger it allows you to take on stronger monsters and allows you to do more quests.

Online you start out at hunter rank 0 and must get to rank 20.
The best thing about this game is you can play through single player so when you are online you keep all your armor and can automatically make some of the best armor Khezu armor.

By the way to make better stuff you need to
A)Mine ores if you are making metal weapons (bad they are weak and ores are hard to get.)
B)Kill things and use their body parts to make stuff (like attack fangs to hammers.)
Well that was my review and if you go to capcoms website you can see and sample the game on their flash sites.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:20 AM

Marked for further review - bit short.