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Game Review on Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Posted 18 November 2005 - 11:49 PM

This is a game review on the PS2/ XBOX/ PSP game Star Wars Battlefront 2

Rating: Teen

Players: 4 Player

Genre: Action

Person: Third Person

This is a pretty fun game. It has a lot of game modes including :

Capture the flag 1 way: a great mode where each team goes for one flag and takes it back to there base.

Capture the flag 2 way: a made where each team has a flag and they defend theres and try to get the other teams flag.(I prefer this over Capture the flag 1 way)

Hunt: In this made you can play as a native. This is really cool because you can throw spears and rocks.

Assualt: This is my favorite made. You get to either play as the good or evil Jedis and fight each other.

Deathmatch: Just a normal battle.

Space Assualt: a cool made where you attack the other team in a space battle.

Space Capture then Flag 1 way: In this mode you race through space to get one flag and then take it
back to the base before theother team gets it.

Note: These modes are found in instant action.

There are three genres in the menu:

Challenges: Where you play missions. There is a lot of missions.

Galactic Conquest: A cool mode where you conquer the galaxy buy taking over planets and destroying enemy fleets. Its sord of like a board game where you maove your fleet to enemy planets and destroy them.
If you run into the enemy fleet you will go in a space battle and if you win you keep your fleet and the enemy loses there fleet and if you lose vise versa. Throughout the battle, you can buy new characters and you can buy bonuses like to let you start out as a jedi. When you take over every planet you win.

Instant Action: In this mode you can pick any planet and play games like Capture the flag. This is pretty cool
because theres is a lot of modes to pick from.( Modes are listed above)

When your playing a game you'll eventually play as a jedi. If you like playing as Jedi and villains and speacial characters then play assault mode.

My Rating: 5/5

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:15 AM

Marked for further review.