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The sims 2

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Posted 22 November 2005 - 08:30 PM

Welcome to my review of the Sims 2 for xbox, ps2 and gamecube. To get started I just wanted to say thanks to EA for providing such a great game to the world and that they should be really proud of their product other than the money that the game gives them. It is truely a great game.

Title:THE SIMS 2
Platform:GCN, PS2, XBOX, GBA, DS
Why:Crude Humor
Sexual Themes

The Sims 2 is a sequel to the first sims and was made from the basic idea of SimCity which most of us remember from the super nintendo days. The Sims 2 is created with the sole purpose of permitting you to play the role of god and you take over the lives of the people you create. In other words only you decide what happens and only you decide when they'll die .

They created "The Sims" which in my opinion would of been a great game if it only had more clothing and objects to personalize their characters. Seriously, the different hair features were so limited that you could only personalized yourself from about 9 heads and if that wasn't bad enough there wasn't any cool cuts like a fro or a cool gangster buzz cut that would say "I live in the hood." It was the same for creating girls. If I decided I wanted to create a cool girlfriend for myself their were no good hair styles and my girl ended up with a bun instead of long hair curly or wavy hair. It was also a problem for clothes. I ended up with short-shorts and a shirt with a collar or turtle-neck while my wife had a regular shirt and long shorts.(I tried my best to expose my girl from her clothes and give her a look that said "I'm really hot but I'm married to that guy.")

Later that same year "The Sims: Bustin Out" was released and was way more better than the first sim game. Their was more ways to customize your family and their was more ways to give your sim a personality from their looks. You could give your sim a head shave, gangster jacket and cap and you could tell he was from the hood. You could give your sim a mohawk, and big shoes and you could tell he was a skater.

This year "The Sims 2" was released in October and according to many game sites and store companies it wasn't that good. It received low ratings like at Gamespot it recieved a 7/10 and at other places it received a low 8/10. Since I love to play the sims and call myself a sim-gamer, I agree with other companies and give it an 8/10.

The Game:

The sims 2 lets you create your own sims, design their homes, and basically live their lives.

Creating a sim: In this sim game you are given a sim and you have to dress him or her up your way and also create his personality. The game gives you plenty of shirts and pants to choose from as well as accessories and jewelery. The game does a great job of letting you dress your sim as if he or she wanted to show off their body of if he or she wanted to cover every part of their body that exposed skin. This game does a great job showing how the present generation of people like to dress.

Designing Homes: In the game you are allowed to create a home for your sim unless you are in story mode then you can only change the furniture. Anyway, It gives you great options to what color your wallpaper should be and the flooring. It also features new furniture as well as skill-building objects. The game is worth buying if you want to check out the new furniture and other new gadgets. But sadly, unlike present homes today, the game doesn't feature two story homes unlike the PC version. You would of thought that EA would of been able to put in two story houses by now in their long-term development of this sequel. But their excuse was that the consoles simply did not or could not support the space of memory needed to create two story homes. Otherwise, the game has better furniture and options for customizing your dream house.

The lives of sims: In the Sims 2, the makers clearly stated in their previews for the game that this game would only hold one age group, Adult sims. Kids or babies did and could not exist in this game. It didn't matter how much in love two sims were and them wanting to create a baby, they could not and had to resolve in just "doing it" in bed and that was as far as the human reproduction system went. In my point of view, the makers probably created this game to live as that of a soap-opera. Like you would fall in love with a cute sim and then get married. As soon as you knew it, your sim was required to kiss 2 other sims or woohoo with 3 sims in order for them to unlock new furniture. When I first found this out I understood why there wouldn't be any children, because this would in result in conflicts such as a certain girl sim kissing every sim she saw and having and endless supply of children from the woohooing she would be doing.(i think we call this a prostitute now-a-days) Otherwise, the only way for a sim family to reproduce would be for a single guy to marry a girl then evict the family and then pretend the two sims had a son that would be now an adult. Then you would have to make your first sims old looking and either delete them or keep them around for the son to take care of. Then the process would start all over again. Personally, I don't like doing this but this is the only thing that I hate about this game.

Besides the new options for creating food and new careers, these three are the most entertaining parts of the game. Maybe in the next game of this series they will create a pressure bar (like food and sleeping bar) that will show if your sim can take the pressure of going to work, immediantly going to sleep, then waking up to find yourself eating and back to work again day after day. Overall, this game is a great sequal for the sims series but it has a long way to go as far as portraying the lives of human beings.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:12 AM