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Review for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Posted 22 November 2005 - 10:35 PM

Welcome to my review of Super Smash Bros. Melee!
First of all, I like to give thanks to nintendo for providing this game to be available on Gamecube from Nintendo 64. Those guys at nintendo and HAL Labrotory must have a big heart to consider sharing this game to gamecube fans.

Title: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Platform: Gamecube and Nintendo 64
Rating: Teen
Why: Comic mischief
Mild violence
My Rating: 9/10 Good Game

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the best games ever on the Gamecube or Nintendo 64. I've played many games on the Nes, Super Nes, N64 and Cube and have never found a game that brings all of nintendo's allstars together into one great smashing game. The game has many familiar faces like Pikachu from Pokemon games, Mario from famous mario bros games, Dk from Donkey Konga and the Donkey Kong Country series, and many other faces we saw on the first nintendo and then disappeared such as the Ice climbers and Mr. Game & Watch.
You can see classic brawls in this game such as Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi versus Bowser or you can mix it up such as Mario and Pikachu versus Bowser and Doney Kong.

Coin or Stock?:
The game features many different ways to fight against your opponents. You can choose to fight your enemies in regular mode where you can fight for the most knockouts. Or you can play in coin mode for the player who can collect the most coins from his opponents, or in stock mode where you basically have to knockout other players through the classic "lives" mode like in early mario games.

Match types:
In the game there are several match types to choose from. You can choose from matches like slow mode, lightning mode, camera mode, giant mode, small mode, and other types.

Slow Mode: Well, you basically fight slow and it may sound boring, but sometimes it helps you maneuver yourself and plan out how you will attack your opponent

Lightning Mode: If you want the match to go wild, then I recommend playing lightning mode since everyone moves super-fast than usual. Sometimes during this match you won't even know when you've been knocked out till the game voice says "player (?) defeated."

Camera Mode: In this mode you use a controller as a camera and snap pictures of the players while they defend themselves against their opponents or while a special event is triggered from a certain object.

Giant Mode: Giant mode turns all the players to extreme proportions and they fight as giants. This may be entertaining at first but usually it gets frustrating seeing your fighter stand on a round surface. With one foot being on the surface and the other foot hanging in midair giving an impression as if it was supported by something.

Small Mode: In this mode you are super tiny and you fight small. This mode can be frustrating while all the fighters bunch together to attack each other. An explosion occurs on behalf of one of the fighter's attacks and you see some players fly out of the screen being K.O.ed. You don't know if you should laugh at your friend because his player got knocked out or say that the K.O. wasn't fair.

Solo or Team Battle:
You can choose to be in a team of 2 vs. 2 or choose to fight solo vs. 3. I like to fight by myself against all three of my friends because it is more fun for me. If I win, my friends see that I'm a strong player and am able to beat all of them combined.

Super Smash is a good game when it comes to a 4 player fighting. This game is very fun when you play it with friends. At times, it can be fun to play by yourself in the one player mode but then it gets boring for some time. You don't play the game for days and then you feel the urge to play Super Smash again. This game is very addicting to see Mario beat-up Pikachu or Mewtwo handle himself with three Bowsers. Overall, this is a very good game and should be in every gamer's collection.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:11 AM