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The streets of DefJam:fight for New York

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Posted 23 November 2005 - 03:00 PM

Welcome to the streets of DefJam: Fight for New York!
Where in this hood anything goes and where the police donít exist.

Title: DefJam fight for NY
Platform: Gamecube
Rating: Mature
Why: Contains Blood, Sexual Themes,
Strong Language, Violence
My rating: 9/10

In this game created by EA, it looks like it was created for the older group of gamers since most of the characters in the game are hip-hop artists from which are still around today or some of them would only be remembered by the older group of players. Anyway, the game puts all the most popular hip-hop artists together in a game of gangs and street fighting. It is obvious now why this game wasnít created for the younger generation of gamers. When you put hip-hop artists in gangs against each other all you can say is ďcover your eyes boy!Ē

The game compromises of 5 ways of fighting, which include street fighting, boxing, and martial arts. You can create your own character or gangster to join the brawl against your favorite artists. There are a lot of ways to customize your fighter. You can give him pants and roll them up halfway up their legs or give him a cap and let him wear it backwards or upside-down.

In the street fights you can fight 1 vs. 1 or decide to fight alongside with someone from your crew. The brawls are fun in which you can knockout your enemy by grabbing an object and smashing their head against it. Or you can have someone in the crowd hold your enemy while you give them a beating.

In story mode you are picked up from one of the two gangs (the good one) and they tell you to show them what you got. You show them throughout the story that you become stronger with each fight you participate in. You eventually become their secret weapon when fighting an opposing gang. In time, you pick up a girlfriend and then blackmailed to do the other gangs bidding knowing that they have kidnapped your girl. They tell you to beat up your crewmembers and if you refuse your girlfriend would die. You figure out that your gang is very important to you and you eventually arrive in a burning building versus the other gangís top-dawg for your gang and girl. You manage to beat him and the main story ends.

The game is very entertaining and is great. It is so cool when you see yourself alongside your favorite artist go head on against your enemies. For some reason the game is directed to the African American population and you donít see any Hispanics or white gangs. But even though, this is a good game and should be played by anybody who wants to see Ludacris fight Snoop Dogg in real life but you know that itíll never happen.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:08 AM

Marked for further review - seems a bit short, but good content, probably ok.