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Welcome to the world of Animal Crossing!

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Posted 23 November 2005 - 03:03 PM

Welcome to the world of Animal Crossing!
Where the seasons change like in the real world!

Title: Animal Crossing
Platform: Only on Gamecube
Rating: Everyone
Why: no disturbing
content whatsoever
My rating: 8/10 Okay

The Game:
Animal Crossing is the game in which you move to a town and start your life as an 8-year-old looking character. When you first arrive you meet a raccoon named Tom Nook who is willing to sell you one from his four houses make especially for humans like you. He lets you look at them and you choose one that is decent for you. He tells you all the things you can do to personalize your house and other options like receiving mail, storing items, and expanding your home.
Tom Nook then gives you the price of purchasing the house and you give him 1,000 Bells. (Bells is the animal type of Dollars) Then Tom Nook asks if you are chewing his horn and asks you if that is all the money you have. He sees that you are in a bind and is willing to let you pay off your house by letting you do errands for him. He eventually lets you go after completing all his errands buy says you still have to pay the rest of the house off by means of like a mortgage.

The Town:
The town (which you get to name) is filled with different creatures known as the citizens of your town. They are all different and are very friendly. They let you do errands for them in exchange for furniture and gifts. Once in a while you can get free stuff by just chatting with them. Eventually if you donít talk to one of them enough, they will feel useless and move to some other town. Sometimes you talk to them too much and they leave saying they have to broaden their horizons by moving. This at times is frustrating since you never know when your favorite animal friend will move.

Shops and Landmarks:
Every town has a Tom Nookís Shop in which you get to purchase objects to furnish your house. Tom sells carpet, wallpaper, furniture, shirts, plants, and flower bags. Eventually when you buy enough of Tomís merchandise, he will upgrade the store to an even wider selection. He usually does this about 4 times till he canít get the shop to get bigger.
Every Town has its own Able-sisters, dock, Police department, Post office, wishing well, and Museum. Each one offers you to receive something in return or to donate or be updated on events. This keeps the game interesting with the different holidays going on in the real world that are parallel to the animal world.

You can visit your friendís towns by getting on the train. You then arrive and can see how your friendís town is doing. You can meet the citizens and make a couple of friends. You can also purchase items at their local Tom Nookís shop or see how your friendís museum is coming along. The sad part about this is when you decide to come back to your own town you will notice that one of your citizens has moved to the town you just came from.

I like this game even though it may have some things that I hate. For example, like some corny holidays like the harvest festival or cherry festival since you canít really do anything since all the animals are stuffing their faces all day at the wishing well. But the games humor keeps the game interesting and makes up for the some of the things that makes you want to smash the disk into tiny pieces. Even though this game seems like it was made for 8 year-olds, it can still appeal to the older generation of gamers.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:06 AM