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Pokemon Ruby Version: Gotta catch them all, right?

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Posted 23 November 2005 - 03:06 PM

My review for Pokemon: Ruby version
Gotta catch them all, right?

Title: Pokemon: Ruby Version
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Rating: Everyone
Why: Has no violence
besides fainting
My Rating: 8.5/10

The Pokemon craze started back around 1998 and has since either grown in the hearts of pokemon-master-wannabees or has left nothing but memories in the hearts of fifteen to eighteen year-olds. The craze started with one of the best games ever, Pokemon version red and blue. These games were the reason why Pokemon fans went out to buy a Gameboy so they could play these popular games. Thatís probably why today they bundle together new Pokemon games with consoles. Some examples were when Pokemon Crystal was bundled last year with the regular gameboy advance when the SP came out. Another example was this year when they bundled together the gamecube with Pokemon: Gale of Darkness.

The Game:
Pokemon Ruby is a fun game in which a new generation of pokemon have to be caught like in previous games and you have to complete the pokedex you have been given at the start of the game.
You start off in a moving van that is taking you to your new home in Littleroot. You move in and you are asked to set up the clock. You then meet the professor of the town (like professor oak in previous games) and are given a pokemon of the three he offers. Basically you have to level up that pokemon to its two evolving forms and use it to catch other pokemon that will do the same thing until you catch them all.

Is the Story even hard?
The story is pretty much easy at the beginning of the game but later gets more difficult as uncover more of the towns and cities. You mainly have to keep on uncovering all of the cites so you can receive badges and receive special pokemon. This game only gets difficult around Mossdeep city when you have to beat team magma or around Sootopolis city where you need to catch Groudon and then take the Pokemon league Challenge.

New Pokemon:
Most people donít like the idea that the people at Gamefreaks are creating way more Pokemon than before. Some of us like the idea of new pokemon being created so that some of us will find the pokemon that suites our personality and character. Today there are about more than 300 pokemon. Some of the new pokemon have split elements like Fire/Ground or Water/Ground. This may be why some people donít like the idea of there being so many pokemon since they have split types and they are twice as strong as the classic 150 pokemon.

Pokemon Ruby is a great game in which you have to collect 8 new badges from 8 new gym leaders which appeals to many of us. The new pokemon are also a big surprise to those of us who are still feeling the aftereffects of the first pokemon games. It is great how there are more pokemon than before. I remember back in the Pokemon craze days that all of us loved pokemon but if you asked all your friends who were their favorite pokemon it would be either Pikachu or Charizard. The reply was never Koffing or Oddish. Its great how this game has been made into a great new world with new pokemon.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:04 AM