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My review for MarioKart: Double Dash

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Posted 24 November 2005 - 02:15 PM

My review for Super MarioKart: Double Dash!

Title: MarioKart: Double Dash
Platform: Only on Gamecube
Rating: Everyone
Why: no violence or graphic images
My rating: 8/10 okay

The Game:
In MarioKart: Double Dash you join Mario and his friends in another racing game that all happen in the Mario World. You can race your friends in 4 different race cups and races. These include the Mushroom cup, Star cup, Flower cup and the last cup Rainbow which in previous games, was unlocked when you completed the first three with a trophy.

VS. Mode:
You can choose to play by yourself or have some friends join you in the races or in battle mode. There are three modes in battle mode that you can play with your friends to see who is the best. My favorite of the three is tag mode, where you are given bombs and have to blast one of the racers so then they’ll be “it.” Then you have to run from them and make sure you don’t get tagged. If you prefer to race then to fight, the racing mode offers the classic difficulty from previous games with 50, 100 and if you think you are really good, 150 mode. Each mode makes the computer racers a bit harder on each difficulty where 50 the racers are really easy where 150 makes you consider yourself lucky to rank in 4th place where ranking 1st is merely impossible.

New Stuff:
The game consists of new methods to beat your opponents on the racing course as well as new characters. In Double Dash, every character has a special technique. For example, Mario and Luigi are able to gain extra mushrooms to make themselves go extra fast or they’ll gain fire bombs to launch at the people in front of them. Bowser can throw humongous turtle shells where his Koopa Troopas can launch flying shells that’ll zoom in on there opponents. These moves can only be activated depending on the character that is in the back.
New characters are available like Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Their special move is a giant snapping ball on a chain that lets them knockout anybody in front of them and also directs them to the finishing line. Another new character is Baby Bowser who makes you wonder how Bowser acted when he was a toddler. The game also features a new cart to race in that reflects the driver’s image. For example, there is a yoshi cart as well as a cradle shaped cart for the babies.

Worth Buying?
MarioKart: Double Dash is a fun game when it comes to racing. The graphics look like the creators really wanted their characters to look good in their 3-D world although all you can mostly see is their backs. The game is really fun if you play it with friends and it may get boring if you are a gamer who only likes to play by yourself. The game priced at $49.99 when it first came out in and last time I checked the game still has the same price. Maybe the Mario games value doesn’t go down like other games during the years because the king of Nintendo (Mario) is on the front. Otherwise the game is worth buying if you like to play with friends. Otherwise, the game might get boring after the first few days if you decide to play by solo.

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 05:01 AM