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DraognBall Z: Final Bout

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Posted 24 November 2005 - 02:23 PM

My review for Dragonball: Final Bout
Having the Dragonball Z logo is the only excuse this game is still around today!

Title: Dragonball Final Bout
Platform: Playstation
Rating: Teen
Why: Violence
My Rating: 2/10 trash
Other: This game was sold in Japan and only few copies were sold in the US for the rumored reason that the game impaired your eyes from the flashing light effects.

Lowest Rated:
To date, this Dragonball Z game has been the lowest rated on the net and by gaming companies. This game was an early 3D game made for the early Playstation by Bandai rumored to be just a preview of the characters that were going to be shown on the TV series. For example Super Baby and Super Saiyan 4 Goku were in the game and they didn’t make their appearance till later in the Dragonball GT series made much later.

What does this game offer?
The game features mainly a VS mode and a tournament mode. It also has Build-up Mode, which gives you the chance to choose your favorite character and level him or her up as each match only makes him or her stronger. After your character defeats all the characters currently available, another character would be unlocked. Then all the characters would reset and you’d have to fight them again only to find out that your opponents are a bit more stronger than before. The game also gives you the chance to import a character from Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22. You would then train the character on Final Bout and then import the character back to Ultimate Battle. This would make the character stronger in Ultimate Battle than as if you were to train him normally in build-up mode. This was great for Japanese copies of the game, but it was a problem for US copies. Ultimate battle was released in the US in 2003 with only the characters speaking in Japanese. Final Bout was a rare game to find and would cost about $30.00 for a Japanese copy. If you wanted a US copy, it would cost a little more then $50.00 on Ebay or other Internet auctions. Then if you tried to import your character on a US Playstation, the playstation would not let you and as much as you tried to fix the problem, it wouldn’t resolve anything. Basically the transfer option was of no use.

What’s so bad about it?
Final Bout is a game only the hardcore Dragonball Z gamer would want to play. There were major problems when players wanted to play in battle mode. When two characters would fight each other, if one fighter threw a projectile at his opponent, the camera would automatically zoom in on the character getting hit. Then the camera would go back to normal and the other character would be able to shoot another projectile while the other fighter couldn’t because he was still stunned. (It would take about 2 seconds for the character to get back to normal from its stunned position) This would make the match unbearable to watch since the player getting attacked couldn’t do anything but to watch his fighter get K.O.ed to death. This would tell the players that whoever gave the first projectile attack at the start of the match would automatically win the match and blast his friend to death.

Another problem was that the 3D characters had no real face and that they could not do any gestures to show that they were glad that they won or in major pain. Also, another problem was that Super Saiyan 4 Goku had a furry monkey tail in the TV show and in the game his tail looked like sausages.

Final Bout was an okay game back-in-the-day but now looks like trash when compared to the Budokai series. But Final Bout was the first game ever made on the Playstation console and probably was the first 3D game to inspire further developments. Even so, this game doesn’t live up to its name to be a final fight or “Final Bout.”

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Posted 06 December 2005 - 04:59 AM