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Fake Making Guide

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Posted 19 January 2006 - 06:44 PM

(If you don't already know, you take a screenshot by pressing the print screen button and pasting in Paint)

OK on with the guide.


For a basic Fake

--Section 1: The Picture--

1. The first thing that you have to do is take a screenshot of the background that you plan on using for the fake.

For Example:
Posted Image

2. Ok, now that we have the Background, we need to get a picture of what we want to add in, I will use the following.

Posted Image

3. Now surround what you want to add to the background in white. Try not to have what you are isolating next to a textured object such as a crate, a wall or water. When you are done it should look something like this.

Posted Image

4. So now go back to The background screenshot and paste part of the picture you isolated with the paint settings exactly like the ones shown below:

Posted Image

5. Now move and resize the object/character to the position and size you wanted to get.(For added realisticness edit the minimap as well)

Posted Image

--Section 2: Text--

Now that we have an edited image, lets talk about text editing. (Where I got the RS font the link is no longer working so you will have to search for it somewhere)

1. OK so, the first thing you need to use is this layout for the chat box:


2. Once you have the font (probablly the most difficult part of text editing) the chatbox is the font in size 13, the yellow letters over the head are the same font and size but bolded and shadowed.

3. So to add text using paint open up a new window and type everything you want to use:


4. Now that you have the text done paste the stuff that goes in the chatbox ontop of the templet I showed you, it may help to zoom in as I have done:


5. Finally, you delete the brackets in the template and paste it into your screenshot and then you paste the yellow text over the characters heads the final product should be something like this:

Keep practicing with more difficult fakes until they look outrageous yet realistic at the same time.

--Guide By Allanon--

Posted Image

Well... That happened