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#41 Guest_Tigren2005_*

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Posted 07 August 2002 - 07:42 PM

Is ntoskrln.exe just a generic boot screen? Meening will any ntoskrln.exe from any XP system be the same? I want my old boot screen back and I didn;t back up my old one. I have another XP machine, will it's ntoskrln.exe work on my other computer?

#42 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 08 August 2002 - 02:05 PM

I'm having a problem downloading the 16.pal file. it isn't in acceptable format to be opened by paint shop.

#43 Guest_ThaKid_*

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Posted 10 August 2002 - 07:53 PM

there was 2 different pallettes... you've downloaded the photoshop one, try downloading the other one... :P

/// Kid

#44 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 13 August 2002 - 09:56 AM

i have a question about the boot screens. i got a awsome looking boot screen from themexp.org but when i loaded and everything it works but it's blurry it's not sharp. does anyone know why it does that. also i got a new logon screen and it is the same way it looks blurry.

#45 Guest_Guinness_*

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Posted 28 August 2002 - 10:09 PM

I am trying to install stylexp, from themexp.org onto my winxp comp. When it starts installing it comes up with an error: The installtion key is invalid. D:SourceTGTSoftCommontgtSectgtSecprovider.cpp( 591) : 0xC0040409

Any ideas on what this is and how to get around it. I do have another hard drive as the D drive, but there is nothing on it.

Please help.


#46 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 31 August 2002 - 01:50 PM

You can boot off your XP cdrom then choose a Console Recovery. It will give you a half-way decent command prompt to replace files that windows locks.

#47 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 05 September 2002 - 11:52 PM

down load the web ferret for free and type in xp boot screens it will look though 5oo serch engines to find,once done that you canlook at each on on the menu and click and it will tell you what to remove and what to replace

#48 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 06 September 2002 - 03:10 AM


#49 Guest_Guinness_*

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Posted 14 September 2002 - 09:57 PM

Ok, how do i use or get to a console recovery from the XP Pro CD?

#50 Guest_Guinness_*

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Posted 14 September 2002 - 10:09 PM

Ok, got the command prompt. What do I do after that?

#51 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 01 October 2002 - 07:11 PM

blah, just download bootxp from http://www.bootxp.net/ and you don't have to do a darn thing to make it work.... sheesh kids, always making it complicated

#52 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 10 October 2002 - 08:40 PM

Just download boot edittor

#53 Guest__*

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Posted 30 October 2002 - 05:39 AM

rename your new ntoskrnl.exe to logoos.exe
put it in %systemroot%
then modify your boot.ini

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINNT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /kernel=logoos.exe

that should do the trick..

#54 Guest_Ray_*

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Posted 03 November 2002 - 09:16 PM

Could anyone tell me why I can't randomize boot screens everytime windows reboots? I have windows xp prof. and I'm using Logonui randomizer which works except for the fact that in doesn't randomize of course.

#55 Guest_Solar_*

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Posted 04 November 2002 - 08:54 PM

you lot should realise that if you are using sp1, the ntoskrnl.exe file is totally different to the ntoskrnl.exe from the standard xp.

Installing the wrong one will cause your pc to not boot up, so make sure u know what u r doing

#56 Guest_djsteti1_*

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Posted 09 November 2002 - 01:08 PM

I've worked with reshacker, and everything works fine.
Now I want to expand the possibilities. How can I move that moving thingy (you know, the statusbar stuff).
How can I move it (up/down/left/right)?
Or even better, is it possible to move it?

#57 Guest_dev_*

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Posted 20 November 2002 - 06:09 AM

Assuming this works, that's excellent work. Thanks for the quicktip.

#58 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 01 December 2002 - 03:02 AM


Is it possible to edit registry or whatever to remove the boot-up animation completely? If yes; Will you see the starting of services, daemons etc. like in Linux?

#59 Guest_Anonymous_*

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Posted 01 December 2002 - 04:48 AM

Yes there is ... and to save you some time, check the instructions at the link below on "CREATING A BOOT DISK FOR AN NTFS OR FAT PARTITION"


It was a life saver. :)

#60 Guest_iqlord_*

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Posted 17 December 2002 - 03:00 PM

got a problem getting your win9x / win2k (NT) / XP bootup screen to work...

send me an email at:
[email protected]

and I will make sure it will work for you!
- I'll even write you a program to fix it for you.....if you think you need it.

Anyway! have a good one today =)