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Selling World Of Warcraft Serial

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#1 Oleg


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Posted 16 December 2006 - 07:51 PM

Message me on MSN, I will provide the serial number.
1) Bought Lvl 86 of Watdafoc for 5m: Devilman MM:Successful
2) Bought level 100 from Accseller for 4.5M: Shamerock MMed: Unsuccesful
3) Bought level 112 from Selling 112 for level 92 and 1.5M: Unsuccesful
4)Devil Man Transfer items from pure to main:Successful
5) Sold level 81 Versac Pure to Dantheman: Shamerock MM: Successful
6) Bought Level 96 from KoNNiEBoY: He went First: Successful
7) Bought level 103 from Thehalfbloodslave: Unsuccesful
8) Sold Level 90 To Kmuk: Shamerock MMed: Successful
9) Sold Level 96 to Phr34k: LittleFly MMed: Succesful
10) Bought 2m from Gtechworrior: Succesful
11) Bought level 88 from Ajinthan: Unsuccesful: Fag Recovered
12) Sold 20M to Blackdragon: Unsuccesful
13) Sold Steam Account to Watdafoc for Level 86:Succesful
14) Swaped lvl 88 for Blak 97: I went first:Succesful
15) Bought level 90 from Jagar454: TOMRULEZ MMed: Succesful
16) Bought level 70 from X P L O S I V: Unsuccesful
17) Bought level 90 from Zack The Man: 50:50: Succesful
18) Bouhgt 34m from ziggy from RS2MM: Tom MMed: Succesful
19) Bought 44m from schleiff: I went first: Succesful
20) Bought level 90 from Dann: Unsuccesful
21) Bought level 81 pure from Sm0gm0nsta: Unsuccesful
22) Bought level 99 from 1nsane: He went first: Succesful
23) Bought level 95 from Kyra Yamato:Gtech Warrior MMed:Succesful
24) Bought rune mimer from Garry:GTech Warrior MMed: Canceled account had 2 many Blackmarks
25) Bought 2 games from Madhatter: Succesful
26) Sold level 95 to Lightscout237: RSGOD MMed:Succesful
27) Bought Steam Account from: Who Cares: Succesful
28) Bought pure from Kimimo: RSGOD MMed: Unseccesful
29) Bouhgt level 103 from Hours_27:RSGOD MMed: Unseccesful
30) Sold 1m to xxm0lk_m0nxx: Succesful
31) Sold Steam account to smittastical: Succesful
32) Sold level 91 to InvizixX:RSGOD MMed:Succesful
33)Bought account from DanTheMan: Unsuccesful
34) Gave Gtech Warrior free level 91:Succesful
35) Did clue scroll puzzle for Shamerock:Succesful
36) Bought 7M from Dimethyltryptamine2: Succesful
37) Bought level 102 from Maghreb:Succesful
38)Sold level 103 to Jblee/Jason: Succesful
39)Sold level 91 to Iownnoobs: Succesful

MM'es or Item Transfers

1) Transfered 1M for azn_eat_rice
2) Transfered items for c4p5_L0ck
3) MMed 7M for c4p5_L0ck and Crackhead
4) Transfered items for Punkd
5) Transfered items for Lightscout237
6) Transfered 6M for 1nsane
7) MMed for OMFG and j0sh4tran
8) MMed 4M for JBlee/ Jason and Dimethyltryptamine2
9)MMed 1.5M Jesusinacan and Fireman
10)MMed 1.3M and Pin for Dudezomg and Fireman
11)MMed 500k for I hate my username and Dan Da Mann
12) MMed a level 101, 91 and 2m for: Jesusinacan and Creamsoda456

My ONLY MSN Is [email protected]
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Posted 22 January 2007 - 10:28 PM

you mean the actavation code for the game right?
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#3 Snowzak


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Posted 23 January 2007 - 05:28 AM


"Vote for me and I'll give you pancakes."

#4 sm0gm0nsta


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Posted 06 February 2007 - 01:28 PM


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Email:- [email protected] 0 = o

1. Sold Level 60 To Dogman For 1.3m -SUCCESSFUL- Went on to hack my main..
2. Sold Level 55 Pure To A 'Fake' For 2m -SUCCESSFUL- Noob Cant Hack... Lol
3. Bought 20m From GameOTL for £120 -SUCCESSFUL-
4. Training Account For Langers For 50k -SUCCESSFUL-
5. Gave Langers Free Pure -SUCCESSFUL-
6. Sold Sig To J.P For 100k -SUCCESSFUL-
7. Sold Pin To watdafoc For 1m -SUCCESSFUL-
8. Sold Pin To selling acc and mm For 900k -SUCCESSFUL- - Devil Man MM'D
9. Bought Str Pure Off marioleal For 1.5m -SUCCESSFUL- - Pro Edge MM'D
10. Sold Pin To Devil Man For 1m -SUCCESSFUL-
11. Sold A Sig To Shamrock For 300k -SUCCESSFUL-
12. Give Shamrock A Free Sig -SUCCESSFUL-
13. Sold Str Pure To Josh For 1.2m -SUCCESSFUL- Devil Man MM'D
14. Bought 6m From Devil Man -SUCCESSFUL-
15. Sold Pin To Satans Spawn For 1m -SUCCESSFUL- Devil Man MM'D
16. Sold Level 81 Rune Pure To 0leg For 5m -SUCCESSFUL- RSGOD MM'D
17. Sold A Level 106 Main To Blo0dgod For 10m -SUCCESSFUL- Rawz0rz MM'D

1. MM'ed 5m And Pure For verran x core™ And Route180 -SUCCESSFUL-
2. Transfered 250k For verran x core™ -SUCCESSFUL-

#5 mattman18


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Posted 21 February 2007 - 03:52 PM

How much are you looking for this ? I may be interested. Because i paid for the CD's, but no Activation Code with it...
As many of the more Veteran members would remember i used to be very active last year some time, i have not been active for a long time because of my site rs2mm and internet problems. I will start to become alot more active again :D

Why not check out my site RS2MM below:

Website removed due to spamming

---=== OFFICIAL MM ===---

I would like to thanks my mate OLLIE for making the image below for me:

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I am a OFFICIAL Anti-Scammer, agreed by Zspec!

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Transaction History

1) 'Trusted Acc Seller' Paid 4 million "Scammed" - Then blamed for scamming her.
2) 'Shrimpy' Sold 1M - Successful - Highly Reccommended
3) 'rs2mm' Sold 2M - Successful - Highly Reccommended
4) 'Shrimpy' Sold 2M - Successful - Highly Reccommended
5) 'rs2mm' Sold 5M - Successful - Higly Reccommended
8) 'Shrimpy' Sold 2M - Successful - Highly Reccommended
7) 'rs2mm' Sold 3M - Successful - Higly Reccommended
8) Bought account from grassy - 3M - Successful! - Higly Reccommended
9) Bought 6M from Muse Rock - Successful
10) Bought 3M from Muse Rock - Successful
11) Bought 3M from Shrimpy - Successful
12) Bought 1M from Shrimpy - Successful (Yes, i bought another mill, i get desperate lol)
13) Bought 9M from watever - Successful (Great seller, is highly reccommended)
14) Bought 3M from MMVOP.COM - Successful (Received Instantly when paying through site)


1) MM'ed for grassy, it went sucessfully! Both members are highly reccommended.
2) MM'ed 15M for RS2 buyer and Muse Rock - It went completly successfully and was quick.
3) MM'ed 6M for Muse Rock - It was successful.
4) MM'ed 9M for watever - It was successful.

OTHER: I have also done 9 attempted MM jobs, but were scammers and the trades was abandoned. Just thought people would like to know this.


I will start to list my MM jobs again :D

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Why not put the above in your sig too, by using the link:


#6 hotrod2008


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Posted 21 February 2007 - 08:09 PM

Are you talking about the free activation codes that WoW gives you when you sign up so you can refer people and get a free 30 days? LOL

Or are you talking about somethin else?

#7 JB Lee

JB Lee

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Posted 24 February 2007 - 01:44 AM

and no response.............

#8 ch1k3nb0t


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Posted 02 March 2007 - 08:37 PM

hey oleg

100 posts (done)
200 posts (done)
300 posts (done)
400 posts (done)
500 posts (done)
600 posts (done)
700 posts (done)
800 posts (done)

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1. bought a lvl 74 pure from 1_1337_k for 5m (scammed) he recoverd he is a scammer!!!!
2. bought a lvl 90 main from dantheman for 5m (sucsessful)
3. bought a runescape privet server from oleg (sucsessful) we did half
4. bought a runescape private server from coty (sucessful) he went first
5. bought a lvl 82 from dantheman (scammed) he recoverd
6. did tutorial island for ruin000 (succesful) i did for free!
7. sold a lvl 85 to xxsin0405xx for 4m (sucessful) i went first
8. tradeaded my lvl 52 pure to hunter532 (sucesfull) went smothly
9. jblee/jason made me free sig (sucesfull) recomended for sigs.

10. stop reading my name made me a free sig (sucesfull) also recomended for sigs

11. reazee made me another free (sucesfull) obviously lol also recomended

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#9 Coke ftw

Coke ftw


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Posted 07 April 2007 - 01:11 PM


calyah got me fire cape for 1m: succesfull great guy trust him fully

#10 jaaccckkkk



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Posted 02 June 2007 - 05:59 PM

ill buy it for a lvl 84 account with 70 att 70 def and 52 pray and many other stats
  • Sold lvl 3 character to Pilku for 100k-Success!(he went first)