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4chan raid on Habbo Hotel

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Wu Tang Clan

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Posted 24 January 2007 - 01:04 PM

On July 12, 2006, the kind people over at 4chan.org decided to raid habbo hotel, due to "blatant racism". They made a bunch of black people, with black suits and afros, and blocked the pools, so no one could enter or leave. They also shouted, "pool is closed due to aids." What do you think about this? (btw, 4chan is reffered to as /b/)
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Posted 04 February 2007 - 08:09 AM

isn't habbo a game that a bunch of 10yr old fags play?
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Posted 19 February 2007 - 05:40 PM

Isn't Nerd Pwner the name of a world wide fag?
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