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"Need An MM Fast" Topics

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Posted 13 June 2007 - 04:17 PM

Take em Away they are Considered Spam...Its not that hard to find an MM...Theres Usally an Offical on Every Day. Even if there not They can get someone trusted...Annd Pureblood Does the MM's Mostly And then he Locks Topics? Seems Spammy

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Posted 14 June 2007 - 08:24 AM

Actually every topic i locked that said needed mm i never did. I just locked it for being in the wrong place. I dont like the need mm topics.

If you still want to contact me send a pm to me here i'll give personal msn.
MSN: [email protected]

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Total Amount of MM's and Item Transfers:128

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Posted 14 June 2007 - 08:48 AM

Oooh..I thought you MM'd For them...Sorrry.

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 03:28 PM

why not make an actual MM area?

for posting ur MM'ing and w/e
and also for posting the need of an mm
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[email protected] 0 =o

1. Sold SMS pin for 1.2 mil to ihit99s -mm'd by ASH (runecore)- ---(success) --- great MM'ing
2. Sold SMS pin for 1.2 mil to CareTaker256 -no MM-, he went first ---(success)--- very SMOOTH
3. Sold Rune Pure for 250k to FireBoy -no MM-, I went first ---(success)--- very SMOOTH
4. Purchased 3.5 mil for $15 USD from RS Trader -mm'd by Yded- ---(success)--- smooth
5. Purchased 3 mil for $12 USD from AJS - no mm- ---(success)--- Honest.
6. Purchased 10 mil for $35 USD from JB Lee - no mm- ---(success)--- Very Fast
7. Purchased Range/Mage Pure for 900k from Colleto -no mm- ---(success) Very Fast
8. TheRsMavick did MonkeyMadness for me -=2m=- (no MM) ---(success)--- Super fast/cooperative
9. Purchased 4 mil for $15 USD from AJS -no MM- , I went first ---(success)--- again.
10. Sold 3 mil for $12 USD to RsTrader -no MM-, He went first ---(success)--- smooth
11. Purchased 4 mil for $15 USD from AJS -no MM-, I went first ---(success)--- again.
12. Purchased 5 mil for $17.50 USD from Jb Lee -no MM-, I went first ---(success)--- MOD
13. Sold Account -STR PURE- to Caretaker256 for 1m -no MM-, I went first ---(success)---
14. Purchased lvl80+Pure from Yded for 10M -no MM-, I went first ---(success)---
15. Purchased 5 mil for $20 USD from rsinit -no MM- , He went first ---(success)---

1. Tutorial Island for 60k -to Caretaker256- --no MM-- I went first --(success)
2. Loaned 1.4m to Pur83 -no MM- I went first
3. Loaned 2m to Yded


1. Xferr'd 250k rsgp for CareTaker256 (success)
2. Xferr'd 300k rsgp for CareTaker256 (success)
3. Xferr'd 500k in items for Yded (success)
4. MM- Pker TTG sold lvl 56 pure to TheRsMavick for 1.5m -=Mavick Denied, info provided was wrong=- (10/10 blackmarks)
5. Xferr'd 500k in items for TheRsMavick (success)
6. MM- :pwn: sold lvl 37 pure to i loretab i for 275k (failure) account recovered
7. Xferred 2.5m (items/rsgp) for blue.oyster.cult (success)
8. Xferred 23m (SANTA HAT) for rsinit (success)
9. Xferred 12m rsgp for rsinit (success)
10. Xferred 215k rsgp for I w1sh I was rich (success)
11. Xferred 220k (rsgp/items) for ihit99s (success)
12. MM'd- ihit99s/[email protected] 2 accounts and 300k (success)
13. MM'd -i w1sh i was rich/I envy 1 account for 5.5M (success)
14. Xferred 115k rsgp for i w1sh i was rich (success)
15. Xferred 500k rsgp for fireboy (success)

TOTAL AMOUNT Xferred/MM'd = 47165k (47Mil +) and 3 accounts

--------------------------------------Xfer's for Me---------------------------
1. PillDom Xferred 1.25m (in items) for me -=(success)=-
2. JB Lee Xferred 10m for me -=(success)=-
3. Ash Xferred 2.5m (items/gp) for me -=(success)=-
4. Yded Xferred 11m rsgp for me -=(success)=-
5. Yded Xferred 9m rsgp for me -=(success)=-
6. Eloyman Xferred 7m (items/gp) for me -=(success)=- tipped 250k
7. TheRsMavick Xferred 1m (items/gp) for me -=(success)=-
8. Eloyman Xferred 2m (items/gp) for me -=(success)=-
9. Cow on FIre Xferred 300k (items) for me -=(success)=-
10. Colletto Xferred 20m (rsgp) for me -=(success)=-

1. Recieved 2 sigs from Death Note |-=Thx=-| SCAMMER!

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1. Lost $20USD and 4.5m rsgp to Death Note (he mm'd) http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/2823/scammedyy9.png

----------------------------------Scammers I've Help Ban----------------------
1. Death Note
2. Sag3 Mag3
3. RsInit

#5 JB Lee

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 04:22 PM

Please dont gravedig...

as for your question...there have been MANY different requests and suggestions for new or edited sections of the forum...it will never happen...if it was going to happen, it would have been done 1-2 years ago...