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Selling extremely nice wow account

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 12:56 PM

Right first things first I am selling my wow account for RL cash. MM will be used throughout the process of this sale. oh before I get into the details of the this account first things first I am looking for $250. While this may sound like a lot to ask I have offered my account to accounts.net and was offered 162....and they are a profit organisation so I want to sell it for a fair price without getting ripped off by one of those nubs. anyway that is the reserve price. not accepting anything less than that.

onto the account;
Well its a lvl 70 shaman with 30k HK's he has around full outland rare items with almost enough arena points for his first outland epic. The account had a famous reputation until he was hacked and I managed to acquire the account back using GM's but someone had taken my name so I now have a new name with no reputation....(main reason I am quitting).

The account has 3 epic lands mounts and 1 normal flying mount with 2.1k cash and the title of Champion. (I really can't think of much to say tbh just message me if you want to know more)

The account comes with a lvl 60 rogue which I never really play on.

goodluck and hopefully i'll get a legit buyer. If no buyer is found let the thread die and I will simply sell the account to accounts.net
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Attempted to sell 10mil to pureblood (Later found out he was hacked)-----Scammed----He was hacked so its not his fault....but still 10mil down the drain.

Total trades = 3
Total unsuccesful trades = 3
Total succesful trades = 0
Total amount of money lost = 45mil
Total amount of money gained = 0

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