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#1 hawk eyes

hawk eyes

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Posted 30 June 2007 - 03:56 AM

scammers r a iseau

bought pbp from dr richey
bought pbp from mr_money_bags
bought fury for ?20 from legit buyer
bought 5mill from ihatemyusername
bought lvl 94 b pure from gameboycolour no mm
sold pbp to dr_richey
sold sms to dr richey
sold lvl 125 to dr richey for $1005
bought pure from gameboycolour ~scammed (50/50)
bought psp from mr_money_bags
bought 2 sigs from hybrid no mm
bought 3 sigs from dr_richey no mm
bought pbp off x trainer x ~scammed no mm
bought rune pure from ihit99s ~scammed dont buy his runescape account blzing sword
bought 200mill from sythe person (omg) no mm
sold 5mill to mr_money_bags no mm
bought 2 sigs from moe c no mm
bought dragon pure from moe c ~scammed no mm
bought sig from hybrid
sold a wc pure to elite-anti-scammer
swapped 118 for 113 to (forgot ttg name) ae m witness
sold copy of my money making book to ieatpillows 2mill no mm
sold copy of my money making book to ttg_junkie 1,5mill no mm
bought 10mill from someone who added me on msn
sold 15mill to mr money bags
sold macro to kyle ~scammed toke macro and never paid no mm
bought 10mill from guer ?30 no mm
graphic maker from x spec nuthin(very trusted)
bought lvl 113 from i sell lots of accounts
just bought a pure from yded for 7mill
bought pin from jamesp_rs~ canlced he logged out
bought 2 pins from james again ~ canlced he imposted the mm on runescape ash mm5 was real he used ash mm 5
just bought pin from rs2trainer scammed 2mill
bought sig from kyle
just sold a pure 6mill x pec mmed ( buyer was a guest )
just bought azzas dds pure 1mill x pec mmed
just bought 2 pins from colleto 2,5mill
bought a pin from boubcar
donated 1mill to azza
sold Amethyst / Sa5uke a pure 8mill
sold psp to monkey arms ~ he went first 20MILL
bought pin from i loverat i ~ pending

Hawk's mms and xfers

pin glifer88 [email protected]
2 pins glifer88
[email protected] 3mill
2 mill and lvl 99 main for vitus and kash15 ~ kash recovered
pin for glifer88 and
[email protected] 1.3
mmed for tmastert06 and mr_money_bags pin and 1.2
xfered 12mill for elite anti scammer
x fer for thedezired1 500k
azza transfered 25 mill for me
ash did a 5mill transfer for me

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my msn [email protected] free mms here replace 0s with os

#2 colletto


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Posted 27 July 2007 - 04:10 AM

scammers will unfortunatly be around forever :(


For mm's, Help, add.. [email protected]

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#3 colletto


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Posted 27 July 2007 - 04:13 AM

scammers will unfortunatly be around forever :(


For mm's, Help, add.. [email protected]

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#4 Teh Only 0ne

Teh Only 0ne

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Posted 27 July 2007 - 04:17 AM

like ttg forum noobage lol...u r 1 of the scammers here.

Transactions :
1.Gave X Spec Nuthin free pixel that worths over 500k. - Succesful!
2.Gave x-DeViL oF dEaTh-x free pixel - Succesful! - Very trusted!
3.Gave Jay -/- Ze free Auto Alcher - Succesful
4.Gave X trainer X free pwnage name ;) - Succesful!
5.Gave World class magician (Ash) free SMS pin!!!!! - Succesful
6.Sold an obby pure for 400k to jake19 - Nerd Pwner MM - Succesful!
7.Gave CrackHead free 2 pwnage names - Succeful!
8.Gave Asura1618 free 2 pwnage names -
9.Gave iwillpku (RC user) free 2 pwnage names - Succesful!
10.Training Frostbite51's wcing from 36-60 free
11.Gave Ash free low lvled pure - Succesful
12.Cornflake gave me free lvl 45 tank - thanks very much m8 - Succesful!
13.Gave Ash free high lvl Tank Ranger - Succesful
14.Azn kid251 done tut island for me for free!!! - thanks m8 - Succesful
15.Gave Azn kid251 free tank ranger - Succesful
16.Azn kid251 Transfered 200k stuff for free - Succesful

17.Abdul ftw is training my pure 1-40 att and 1-40 str - PENDING...

18.Banger Transfered 200k for me Thanks mate - Succesful!

19.Bought a sig from Dark Masta for 100k - Succesful
20.Kunal Rungta borrowed me his acc for doing a transfer in p2p
- Succesful , tyvm m8!
21.Nick transfered for me 8.5M - tyvm m8 - Succesful

22.Bought a lvl 92 acc from Nero (RC user) - Tyler (TTG user) mmed - Succesful!

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Middlemans and Transfers :

1.Transfered 100k of range equipment for X Spec Nuthin - Succesful!
2.Transfered 150k cash for X Spec Nuthin -
Succesful! - Highly recommended

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7.Transfered 200k stuff for Snowzak - Succesful , went fine.
8.Middlemanned 1.1M and PBP pin for PB & J time and Peacez - Succesful
9.Middlemanned a Barrows pure acc and ownage pure! for K 4 r 1 l (TTG user) and Pyrokitty - Succesful!

10.Transfered 200k for devils mag3 - Succesful

11.Middlemanned 1.15M and a SMS pin for koe and SzYmAnSkI - Succesful

12.Middlemanned 1M and a SMS pin for w dave w and shadow frog - Succesful

13.Middlemanned 1.3M and an account for s0ft11 and Bradster - Succesful
14.Middlemanned 1.4M and a sms pin for The Membership Pin (Sythe user) and mynameownsall - Succesful!
15.Middlemanned 2.85M and a lvl 95 pker acc for tundskyline (TTG user) and Merri - Succesful - Merri tipped me 261 yews.

Middlemanned and Transfered 6 PBP/SMS pins , 1.50$ , 12.85M , 4 Accounts.

Vouchers :
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4.world class magician ( Ash RC V.I.P )
5.X trainer X
6.Nerd Pwner
10.Frostbite51 (RC user)
11.Erased--life (RC user)

13.Kunal Rungta (RC user)
14.Warlord (RC user)
16.s3ll m3
17.Azn kid251
19.Killed2011(RC user)
20.Jonny (RC user)

23.Abdul ftw

24.I loretab I


26.Bradster (RC user)



29.I own all (RC user)

30.Darkmasta (RC user)

31.Macca (RC user)


33.K 4 r 1 l




37.w dave w

38.shadow frog
39.Elite anti scammer

40.Soft11 (RC user)

41.Mynameownsall (RC user)

42.Tyler (RC user)

43.Nero (RC user)


45.Merri (RC user)

My msn is : [email protected]

#5 Allanon


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Posted 28 July 2007 - 11:43 PM

spelling is also an issue apparently...

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Well... That happened

#6 MadHatter


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Posted 31 July 2007 - 04:59 PM

scammers will unfortunatly be around forever :(

double poster will unfortunatly be around forever :(
msn: [email protected]
MM'd: 932m & $321.00 and 17 accounts

gad damn u....i made a thread already IN THE RIGHT FORUM!!!!

why does every1 always do this...even if he is dead he would want us to put things in the right forum [To Allanon's "dead" self]

BEST topic ever made on TTG right here

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#7 colletto


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Posted 01 August 2007 - 10:44 PM

double poster will unfortunatly be around forever :(

didn't do it on purpose...

da poon are you calling me scammer..

why is everyone being so frekin gay?


For mm's, Help, add.. [email protected]

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