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How to Sign Up, and Important Information

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Posted 15 April 2007 - 06:06 PM

How to sign up for thetechguide

Click register fill out all the information. Be sure to use a valid email. You MUST NOT USE Email Removed. Again Email Removed will not work. Any regular ISP email, Gmail, or even yahoo will work to. You can get a gmail account at Gmail or Mail2Web. Once you have an email that will work then click submit. Once you submit you registration check your email and validate it. Then you should be able to log in.
If you are having problems joining the forums feel free to contact either myself or JB Lee on MSN for help. My msn is [email protected]m, JB Lee's is [email protected] . How To MM. Thanks to Aragost.

I've had quite a few people complaining to me saying things like: "NO ONE WILL LET ME MM FOR THEM" and "PEOPLE DON'T TRUST ME FFS"

Well you can't just rush into it as soon as you join, you'll get yourself a bad name unsure.gif so my advice to you is:

1: Become an active, non spamming, member.

2: Don't flame and be polite, no one likes a rude MM.

3: Don't give up, it takes a while to push open the door but when your through the door you'll always be through <--- Sorry, one of my metaphors, in short it takes a while to become a MM but if you become one once your a MM for life, or until you leave wink.gif.

4: Get to know people, make friends, when they need a transfer ask them if you can do it and then get them to vouch for you, your first step on the ladder to Offical MM.

5: Don't turn down 1 (ish) MM's, the more MM's you do, the more people you MM for, the more people trust you and soon you'll be well on your way to be a highly trusted MM.

6: Don't let dumb people annoy you too much and when they do don't flame them, if you do they may oe on the forum and call you a scammer, thus greatly damaging your rep.


So you want to be an MM huh? - By Evil Shady / Aragost

Below is the instructions of how to MM an account and a pin. NOTE: These are typical MM's some buyers/sellers might want you to do something extra like test the info by "recovering" the account.


1: Ask the buyer to change his password to the account he wants the pin on.
2: Get the money off the buyer.
3: Get all info off the seller (Country, PBP/SMS, PhoneNumber and finally pin.) NOTE: a common mistake for new MM's to make is to not change the country to where ever the seller is from.
4: Get the account info off the buyer (Ask whether it's start new or update existing)
5: Go to either either start new or extend existing (fromt the main RS page), select the country (top of the first screen), then select PBP or SMS
6: On the next page login with the account info you were given.
7: On the next page enter the phone numer.
8: Then, finally, enter the 8 digit pin and it will either say invalid, in which case either you done something wrong (check the 7 steps again) or the seller has given you a fake pin, or it works and says the membership will become active in 15 minutes (max)
9: Give the money, the buyer gave you, to the seller.
10: Then say something like "Any tip welcome" or something and they may give you a tip wink.gif


1: Get the money from the buyer.
2: Get the account info from the seller, ask them to format it like this:

Current Password:
Oldest Password:
Password 1:
Password 2:
Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:
Question 4:
Question 5:
Bank pin:
Agreemnet number/telebilling pin:

3: Log in and check everything is as the seller described, whether or not it has a bank pin or whether or not it has recoveries, if the stats are what the meant to be, are the Quest points right, are the items that were surposed to be on the account on the account ect...
4: Check blackmarks by going to the "Appeal an Offence/Ban" on the main RuneScape page.
5: Change the password to the account and update the info with the new password.
6: Send the buyer the info.
7: Then give the seller the money.
8: Then say something like "Any tip welcome" or something and they may give you a tip wink.gif

Hope this helps

All questions welcome.


Well this post is to do two things, trying to help you get in the mind of a scammer, something over the last 18 months I think I've managed to do and secondly try to help cut down the ammount of "OMG you tried to scam me" posts on peoples threads, yes, I'm sure some of them ARE true but others, unforunately, are just misunderstandings.

To help people understand I'm going to give you a list of things that a scammer would not do.


[In an account trade - where you are the buyer] If the account's password is changed before the MM (which you should always use) has given the money to the seller. - There is no money in this for the seller so this is not a scam.


[In any trade] If the buyer or seller decides not to buy or sell - It is the buyers right to choose whether he wants to buy and the sellers right to choose if they want to sell.


Heres a list of things a scammer will try to do:


50/50 - Note: not all people that want to 50/50 are scammers, so no posts on threads please, but it would probably be best to either convince them to use a MM or just simply not do the trade.


Scammers will sometimes name some random person, who they then claim is trusted, check their transactions, make sure they're registered on here (or RuneCore) and are active before you even consider letting them MM.


Which brings me on to my next point: Scammers will often try to imposter, always ask for a confirmation PM, we will never say "I've been hacked on the forum so I can't", if you don't get a PM and get scammed by an imposter, then you deserve to be scammed, sad but true.


Sorry, I'm far too tired, I'll post more tomorrow, it's 3:10 AM here.

Anyway new rule:

All "*so-and-so* scammed me" posts, on the members threads will be deleted, without proof and if there was proof they'd be banned

How to get proof? Theres 3 ways, ofcourse combining all 3 would be the best thing to do

HyperCam (http://hypercam.com/)
MSN history (to enable it go to tools>options>messages>message history and enable automatically save message history).
Screenshots (the best places to take screen shots are of each of the contacts email addresses (the MM and the other trader) (N/A if your recording it with HyperCam) the trade window, proving that you've given the MM the money (If your the buyer) and thats it.

Hope this helps,

- Shady


Rules about the site. Don't say you weren't warned.

1. You MUST not post any warez or anything illegal that you do not own. AKA movies, programs, music, etc. No torrents!!!! You can not sell this for rsgp. You WILL get banned. Dont say i didn't warn you!

2. You must have been here at least a month to post free MMing and or item transfers or any kind of mming or item transfer. If you were not here a month you get a 12 hour posting suspension.

3. The flame here is getting awful any flaming will get you a 12 hour posting suspension. This is temporary untill you get your manners under control.

4. You must not ask to mm on peoples threads. If you do, your posting rights will be removed for 1 hour (first offense), the 2nd time, posting rights removed for 1 day, the third time = three day suspension.
Important INFO!
Always ask for a confirmation pm.
If you don't get one DO NOT trade!!!!!

When doing ANY trade. With anybody!!!!
Even if the email looks normal ask for a conformation pm!!!
And if you don't get one, DO NOT trade!!!

On your Msn messenger window, click "Show Contacts' Details". This will show the contacts email under their name, so if its an impostor u will see the right email before u make the trade, preventing you from being scammed.

The Official TTG Ventrilo!!! (talk about runescape)

Click HERE and to download the windows i386 - 32bit Ventrilo Client.

Server IP:
Port: 3984
Password: runecore

For those of you that don't know, Ventrilo is a voice-chat system that allows many people to talk to one another at a time. It's like being on the phone, with 10 people at once.

This is the RuneCore Ventrilo server...but I (JB Lee) decided to open it up to TTG as well...

We usually have about 7-8 people on at a time, but about 20-25 people that come on regularly.
This section is thanks to Bloodogre

If you want to report a scammer, the "For Sale / Wanted" section is NOT the place to do so!!! Please use the "Trader Feedback" section all posts will be closed and i will probally not read

if someone continuously repeats this, they will be giving a 1-3 day suspension.

This section is from Justin!

Alot Of People Have been Making Posts Entitled "MMing For Free". People who are new or Just Joined Should NOT Make posts about this because it spams the forum. It out bumps the people who are actually following the rules by posting topics that relate to the forum. I Hear Alot of People saying that they are posting these topics for trust but instead of spamming, you should earn trust. We all Have Different Levels of Trust But it just takes time for that trust to be achieved. You Should Do some small tasks and when You feel Your trusted Enough You Should make these Posts. Here are some examples of How You can earn trust:

1. Sell/Buy Runescape Gp Or Accounts
2. Talk To Different People And Get to Know Them
3. Have a Chat With Some Officials
4. Train Accounts (For Free or For Pay)
5. Make Signatures

So After You Have Done these things and gathered some basic trust, AND have been on the forum for over 1 month, THEN Make a post saying "MMing For Free". By Doing this You Have now Reduced the Ammount of Spam! Congratulations!
This section is thanks to Berencam!!

Ok so all of you have been getting scammed by berencam imposters and imposters of all the elites, these dudes have got to be stoped. Please do the following to avoid any futher impostering:
  • Open your MSN.
  • Go to contacts > create new group in the toolbar to the top.
  • Create a group called 'Elite Middlemen'.
  • Clear your MSN of all email addresses.
  • Add the following people to MSN:
    -Evil Shady
    -Pro Edge
    -b a l a n c e
    -Everlasting Death
    -Gtech Warriors
    -JB Lee
    -Zack the Man
    -Kirk Hammet
  • Once they are all added, give them all nicknames so you can easily identify who they are.
  • Drag all of your the contacts you just added to the 'Elite Middlemen' folder that you just created.
Now you will have all the active Middlemen added (for more information, go HERE) and should not have to worry about imposters. As always remember to get a confirmation pm on TTG or RuneCore from the middlemen. Also check the group of the ttg acount to make sure he is a anti-scammer.
Thanks for your time, and best of luck on your blackmarket trades.

š�š�š·->Berencam, TTG Elite<-���������‚�š�Å

This section is thanks to
Trusted Mills

Here's a list of when it's stupid to buy an account...

1. It's been banned before- Jagex watches accounts like that. Really dumb move to buy an account that's had a ban.

2. WHEN IT HAS MEMBERS ON IT!- It can be scammed back VERY easily. Common sense guys, they have everything and could be lying to you when they give account info in the trade.

3. When recovs are set- Dur...

4. When the guy has comments saying he's a scammer.- Make sure you always check comments.

If anyone has anything to add, go ahead. I laugh when people ask me to MM for trades with characters with members on them... C'mon... Common sense. Although some are legit.

About Scammers!

-Scammers tend to be seasoned in their job, having been through this site multiple times.
-The way to know you are dealing with one, is by them referencing to being trustworthy, especially if they mention it numerous times. This is a sign of the scammer being nervous. They tend to be paranoid with asserting that they are infact not scammers, so they tell you they aren't.
-Lots of scammers tend to offer too much for characters, and want to do the deal fast, either saying they have to leave, or something of the sort. Do not be fooled by this. Take your time.
-Scammers come in all types of levels, its all based on their self-control. Almost everyone has their limit, so deal with your money wisely.
-Don't be fooled by imposters, be sure you always check the middle man's msn to be correct, and even so, have them pm you on TTG, nowhere else.
-Don't ever get too comfortable with someone to let them wear your expensive items etc...like I mentioned earlier, people have their limits, and they could merely befriending you to scam.
-Don't trust anyone just because a friend says so, trust people based on your experiences, not based on theirs.
-Don't assume someone is trustworthy based on how long he/she has been at the site or how high their post count is.
-Always try to use the official middle men, you are most likely not going to get scammed with them. They are official for a reason.
-People who advertise middle manning in their signatures tend to be people who want to gain status fast, and therefore scam in the future when a good opportunity arises.
-Try to not spend too much at one time, people are less likely to risk getting banned for a small amount of money.
-Scammers do what they do for a reason, they should not be forgiven.

Unsetting Recoveries!

OK recently I have seen heaps of complains of people that have used the Sticky of how to unset your recovery questions. I have been selling accounst for years and have unset over 100 Recovery questions, Ive done them recently and with no problem.

Its basicaly the same as the old way but now it seems that Fagsex is looking for more information to proof that you are infact the original owner and that you have all the accounts information!

I will go through this step by step

Step 1
Go to wwwWebsite removed for spammingneScape.com
Scroll down to Account Recovery & CLick on Recover A Lost Password

Step 2
Type in your username and the email you used to make the account a member, if you do not have it just use your current msn email. Next select Someone else knows my recovery questions!

Step 3
* Type in ALL of your Recovery Answers
* Type in your Earliset Agreement number and Transcaion ID (If you paid with a Credit Card for membership!
*Type in your Earliest Pin Number (If you paid by pbp)
*Type in Your first password, On the bottom field any password that youve had, and on the last field your current password
*Type in your zip code that u entered when you made the account a member with Credit Card OR The zip code of the phone that was used to make it a member through pbp!
*Type in When You last Logged In
*Enter A New password

***Most Important part***
This is the last box where you get to put in your last information to proove to them!

This is one of many excuses! You can pm me and ask me for more!

Step 4
*Click Submit and copy the Tracker ID on to a notepad file ( The letters must be in Capital Letters)
Save this Notepad File as you will need it later on!

Step 5
*Paste the Tracker ID's into the next box and click activate!

^^ If you get this message you have entered the Tracker ID Correctly and Now all you have to do is wait!

Step 6
Once you have activated the Tracker ID, Go back to the main menu and Click on Track a Recovery Request In the Account recovery Section!

Enter the Tracker ID that you had in your NotePad File And Click Continue!

**Results** You can get 1 of 3 results once you enter your Tracker ID
Pending: Jagex Staff is working on your request. You will need to wait and try Step 6 Again!
Accepted: Jagex has accepted your request and your recovery questions have been unset!
Declined: Jagex Has Declined your request and your recovery questions have not been unset!

If your Request has been Declined or your account has been locked, Pm me for Help on how to get your account back Or get more info to Unset your recovery questions.


* Odd looking pictures (depending on file format always remember other then bmp. the file could loose alot of format, not always a scam just pointing it out).
* Extremely High Stats (eg. 99hp along with other 99 melee stats with low lvl'd skill totals) - not always scam's but be very aware.
* Obvious Edits to the Picture.
* Low post count (not always the case)
* Seem desperate to sell quick, meaning there hungry for money fast.
* Keen grammer, by this i mean seems very formal and seems to be a CON.
* Not providing ingame PROOF.
* Not showing things in reason that can lead to them not being proved a scammer.
* Idiots claiming to be girls (Obviously if they speak or talk like a Guy there Obviously a girl to influence you on a trade, BE AWARE YOUNG GUYS LOL).
* Weird MSN names - eg. [email protected], [email protected] mail.com (not my email's just a point).
* Not wanting to use MM's this is usaully an obvious reason.
* lots of spelling mistakes.
* Ask them to use a Offical MM of your choice if they disagree its a SCAM.
* Also watch out for MM's they decide that you have never heard nothing about.

* Ask what MM they want to use (if a non TTG MM (offical) it is most likely to be a scam
* Ask them to meet you ingame.
* Ask on MSN or However you decide to Contact them, what there RSN is.
* Ask how long they have played - not always helpful but could lead to having them lie, this is Obvious in some cases.
* Tell them your MM (offical) if they dont agree, obviously a scam.
* Ask them