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The Official TTG Rules

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#1 JB Lee

JB Lee

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Posted 15 September 2007 - 09:14 PM

Level One Offences:
[Punishment] 1st: Warn//Repeating: Consequences may Incur
  • Completely Off-Topic Posts
  • Posting in the Wrong Section
  • Making a thread directed at a single person (please send a PM)
  • SELLING Legal, Open Source, Programs or Downloads (It's OK to give away for free)
  • Asking to MM on people's threads
  • Posting a "Free MM" thread before having been a member for more than 1 month
  • Advertising in a section other than Idle Chat
  • Racism
  • Flaming
Level Two Offences:
[Punishment] Immediate Ban
  • Scamming
  • Fake Transactions
  • Posting / Giving a Link to Porn
  • Selling, Giving Away, or Posting links to ILLEGAL downloads
  • Impersonating TTG Staff
  • Complete Spam (Same post / thread over and over again)
  • Hacking, or Threatening to Hack, the Site or Another member (Non-Jokingly)
  • Buying or Selling Phishing / Pharming sites
  • Defacing a Site in ANY way that is affiliated with RuneCore or TTG
  • Purposefully Posting / Giving a Link to Malicious Software or Downloads

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#2 Yded


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Posted 17 September 2007 - 01:32 AM

Level Two Offences:
[Punishment] 1st: 1 hour no posting//2nd: 12 hour Suspension//3rd: 3 day Suspension//4th: 7 Day Suspension

* Flaming in Posts/Thread titles/polls/ANY FLAMING
* making a thread directed at a single person
* Advertising in a section other than Idle Chat
* Posting a "Free MM" thread before having been a member for more than 1 month
* Posting / Giving a Link to Porn

roflmao. Then you and other people should be suspended for all the meatspin websites i've heard you send out to ppl.
Thats why i ussualy dont click ur links ;)
Over 2B RSGP MM'd since 2007, with THOUSANDS of dollars in transactions and MM's.

#3 Pureblood


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Posted 17 September 2007 - 05:13 AM

he doesn't send them out on the forums

If you still want to contact me send a pm to me here i'll give personal msn.
MSN: [email protected]

Total Amount of Money MMed and Item Transfered: 766 Mil
Total Amount of MM's and Item Transfers:128

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#4 TheDezired1


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Posted 17 September 2007 - 09:36 AM

ah hah finally some clear rules now people wont do soemthing not realising it and get banned well done jb! ;) and i'm sorry about "the incident". but seriously nice little sticky!

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#5 Training 4 u

Training 4 u

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Posted 20 September 2007 - 07:26 PM

Level Five Offences:
[Punishment] 1st: Immediate Ban//2nd: Hunted Down and Raped

lmfao i <3 u =D

[email protected]
[email protected]
(0-o's you know the deal)

trained banger from 62-70 att
traomed sayne0 from 33-45 range
trained ibuy/sellaccounts from 9-39 hunter in one day
trained pkfo from 30-50 range
trained rawrrrr from 85-86 str, 86-90 str, 90-92 str (AESOME GUY)

Sold lvl 57 str pure in exchange for lvl 70 rune pure

#6 X Spec Nuthin

X Spec Nuthin

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Posted 21 September 2007 - 11:16 AM

Nice work mate

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By Da P 0 0 N - Thanks



No. Transactions - 130+ (Including MM's & X-Fers)

MM'd/X-Fer'd - 190m+

Vouches - 70+ (No Longer Counting)

Help Ban 3 Scammers



My Aim - Official MM & Anti-Scammer

#7 X trainer X

X trainer X

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Posted 21 September 2007 - 05:18 PM

hunt down and raped??? rofl lmfao.... good job :D
was trading a 94 acc and mage pure for a barrows pure with dan teh pker
(scammed he logged after info was given only recovered the 94)
traded lvl 83 for a 75 with bunny ears (scammed, he recovered acc i lost both)
bought d scimi pure from kr3w for 6.1m
(scammed recovered account)
sold lvl 85 to kr3w (scammed)
sold lvl 13 with holiday scarfs for 300k, (success)
sold lvl 94 to jblee imposter for 10m (scammed)
had x_spec_nuthin transfer 1.2m to my pure acc-(success)
training a obby maul pure to 60 str (canceled mm stole money *mod ryan)
trained a mage pure 45-62 mage for 500k (success)
training z-u-n's acc from 54-70 str, (canceled he changed pass after 2 levels)
------------mmjobs-------mm'ed 5m and an account trade (success)
mm'ed 2.1m and a staker for garret9090 and l337 strenght (scammed l337 recoverd acc)
mmed 1.6m and a ranger for b-lakes and randomism (success)
mmed 3m and 2 pins for *unknown* and [email protected] (success)
bought a sig from moe c for 100k (success)
transferd about 200k in items for kingl222
transferd about 250k in items for skillets
got a lvl 64 and 52 mage pure from juni0r27, because i lost 7.6m
got a 110 from spadexboy, it was locked, he recoverd it.
gave a name to american army
gave a lvl 85 acc to Gtech warriors

1:got firecape for [email protected] (successfull)
2:got firecape for [email protected] (successfull)
3:got firecape for [email protected] (successfull)
4:got firecape for [email protected] (successful)
5:got firecape for [email protected] (successful)
6:got firecape for [email protected] (scammed stole the supplies i provided)
7:got firecape for [email protected] (scammed didnt pay)
8:got firecape for me :P (scammed, somewhat, lost acc to scammer)
9:got firecape for [email protected] (scammed didnt pay)
10:got firecape for [email protected] (scammed didnt pay)
11:got firecape for damaged lyfe-----(scammed didnt pay)

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
pepole who vouch for me
3-i sell pins
4-legit buyer
10-runescape yay
15-str 0wner
16-Gtech warriors

http://runescapegodn...d.com/index.php join today!

[email protected]

transfers----all transfers for free

mming- all mming for free!

msn: [email protected]

#8 hawk eyes

hawk eyes

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Posted 15 October 2007 - 11:36 AM

same for runecore?

bought pbp from dr richey
bought pbp from mr_money_bags
bought fury for ?20 from legit buyer
bought 5mill from ihatemyusername
bought lvl 94 b pure from gameboycolour no mm
sold pbp to dr_richey
sold sms to dr richey
sold lvl 125 to dr richey for $1005
bought pure from gameboycolour ~scammed (50/50)
bought psp from mr_money_bags
bought 2 sigs from hybrid no mm
bought 3 sigs from dr_richey no mm
bought pbp off x trainer x ~scammed no mm
bought rune pure from ihit99s ~scammed dont buy his runescape account blzing sword
bought 200mill from sythe person (omg) no mm
sold 5mill to mr_money_bags no mm
bought 2 sigs from moe c no mm
bought dragon pure from moe c ~scammed no mm
bought sig from hybrid
sold a wc pure to elite-anti-scammer
swapped 118 for 113 to (forgot ttg name) ae m witness
sold copy of my money making book to ieatpillows 2mill no mm
sold copy of my money making book to ttg_junkie 1,5mill no mm
bought 10mill from someone who added me on msn
sold 15mill to mr money bags
sold macro to kyle ~scammed toke macro and never paid no mm
bought 10mill from guer ?30 no mm
graphic maker from x spec nuthin(very trusted)
bought lvl 113 from i sell lots of accounts
just bought a pure from yded for 7mill
bought pin from jamesp_rs~ canlced he logged out
bought 2 pins from james again ~ canlced he imposted the mm on runescape ash mm5 was real he used ash mm 5
just bought pin from rs2trainer scammed 2mill
bought sig from kyle
just sold a pure 6mill x pec mmed ( buyer was a guest )
just bought azzas dds pure 1mill x pec mmed
just bought 2 pins from colleto 2,5mill
bought a pin from boubcar
donated 1mill to azza
sold Amethyst / Sa5uke a pure 8mill
sold psp to monkey arms ~ he went first 20MILL
bought pin from i loverat i ~ pending

Hawk's mms and xfers

pin glifer88 [email protected]
2 pins glifer88
[email protected] 3mill
2 mill and lvl 99 main for vitus and kash15 ~ kash recovered
pin for glifer88 and
[email protected] 1.3
mmed for tmastert06 and mr_money_bags pin and 1.2
xfered 12mill for elite anti scammer
x fer for thedezired1 500k
azza transfered 25 mill for me
ash did a 5mill transfer for me

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my msn [email protected] free mms here replace 0s with os

#9 JB Lee

JB Lee

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Posted 15 October 2007 - 11:40 AM

i took a few away that didnt apply here at TTG, but yes, the same basis

#10 man 0 man

man 0 man


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Posted 29 October 2007 - 06:04 PM

there ok

#11 rangerfroob



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Posted 09 December 2007 - 05:46 PM

im glad i read this lol and i think its great you put it up jb lee
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Posted Image

#12 blooodtech



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Posted 21 December 2007 - 02:08 PM

Hey JB i think you should introduce the rule from runecore which states that you cannot start a topic selling an account without a picture of stats or actually being on the account.
As a lot of people do not put on pictures which just wastes time.



1)traded my main with nonameatall for low lvled pure-succesful
2)bought a sig of smogmonsta-succesful (cheers dude)
3)trained legends account from 1 def,stre an attack to 10.-succesful
4)bought a pure off zendba for 4mill-unsuccesful (zendba recovered account)
5)got a free sig off Devilman-succesful(great sig)Recommended
6)sold a pbp membership pin to dan daa man for 1m-succesful
7) bought a lvl 56 range pure, 72 range, 55 mage off colleto for whip-succesful
8) bought a brill pure from jacklunn, trusted mills mmed- very sucesful trade- recommended
9)Bought a lvl 81 mage pure 4mill off z skilz z -unsuccesful - Z skillz Z recovered account SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!
10) Bought range/mage hybrid off "fireboy" - Succesful - VOUCHE!
11) Bought muted Rune pure off karansood2, R1ch dude12 Mmed - THE SCUM RECOVERED IT!!!!!!!!!
12) Bought an Sms pin off Marijuanalove i went first - Succesful - VOUCHE
13) Colletto transferred around 35mill plus for me - Succesful
14) Bought an awesome Hybrid