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Wanna be rich? Come to this forum!

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#1 chaos0909



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Posted 31 January 2008 - 09:12 PM

My friend gave me this link and he got a lot of awesome stuff and some of the best items in the game!!
I SWEAR!!!!!!!! I tried it, and it really worked! My account name is chaos0909 on Runescape. Here's the link:

#2 pyrokitty


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Posted 31 January 2008 - 09:32 PM

wtf u dumb a$$ choobie stfu i highly advise you to get off ttg while u still can before someone tracks ur ip and pwns ur comp with all sorts of stuff. ppl on here dont like scamming choobs like you especially stupid ones lol again 4th thread. someone ban this m fing choob
This is dog of j2's new account. Screw the other one dont ever buy from my imposter=)

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Contact info:
1.Btown lunatic123 = Aim
[email protected] is also my msn. change the 0's to o's
3.Yahoo: [email protected] =) dont ask

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1. trained x spec nuthing's mauler = pending

2. sold a lvl 3 name to BlackOut for 25k- successful no mm smooth

3. Bought dds pure for 400k from ilikemywomananywaytheycome- successful no mm he went first =D

4. Gave a lvl 69 acc to mesmerized10 cuz he lost all his accs- successful nice guy!

5. Made an account for lummy fo u a member for 2m- no mm successful!

6.got 3 fm lvls for ae m for a lvl 32 pure mage-successful

7. Sold my pure mage to ilikewomananywaytheycome for 200k- successful ae m mmed

8. Bought a lvl 71 off of will (dont know ttg name) for 200k he went first- successful

9.Traded a main and some pures to pk\and\trade he went first- successful SMOOTH

10. Gave 108k to God of War for his skiller- I went first Smooth Successful

11. Bought 2 rangers from lol'd irl for 100k-successful he went first

12. Got a free pure from azza- successful very nice guy

13. Bought a lvl 45 bh pure for an addy miner and acc with 10k flax- successful he went first

14. Made ur ded ftw's account a member for a zerker he went first- successful

15. traded ryanb 4 accounts for his 99 fmer- successful smooth!

1.Transfered 180k and some items for elvemage- successful tipped 20k

2. transfered 10m in cash and some items for kingl222- successful great guy tipped

3. X spec nuthin transfered some stuff to my ranger- successful great guy

4.Elvemage transfered to my nooby account- SCAMMED

5.Transfered a few things for X spec- successful!

6. Transfered some stuff for death note-successful

7. Death note transfered some stuff for me-successful

8. Transfered 200k for i w1sh i was rich-bit of confusion but -successful

9. Transfered 100k for i w1sh i was rich-successful

1. MM'ed 5 accounts and 1m for RunescapeRocks777 and death note- successful tipped 200k.

Trusted people

1.bLaCkOuT- great guy very trustworthy

2. X Spec Nuthin- very trustworth good trasnsfer person =D

3. ilikemywomenanywaytheycome good name by the way great guy!



(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
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8 transactions
7 transfers
1 MM
21 vouches little fly vouched for me!! me him and american army had a wonerful convo! =)

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#3 littlefly1


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Posted 10 February 2008 - 09:07 PM

Hmm he even said "swear it works" ...what ashame....get a life and dont lie to that extent.

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Lordkiller05 sold me a pbp : He went first - SUCCESSFUL!
Sold a pure to b0n3s for 5mill : He went first - SUCCESSFUL!

=-=-=-=-Middle Man Service!-=-=-=-=

MMed 1mill and account for jesusinacan and nestea12 - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 15mill and 105$ for -.- and icon - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 5mill and 35$ for azn_eat_rice and PHR34K - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 5mill for Quantumcube2 and PHR34K - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed lvl 92 and 9mill for devilman and Waqas - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed lvl 55 and 3mill for devilman and Waqas- SUCCESSFUL!
MMed Santa and 135$ for AZN EAT RICE and rs4life1 - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 1m and a PBP for TOMRULEZ and some noob - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed a account trade off for Polo and i34tn00bz - SUCCESSFUL!
Item Transfered 9mill for PHR34K - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 300k and a private server for azn_eat_rice and Raymen553 - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 1mill and a pure for PHR34K and elementalman - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed lvl 70 and a BPB for xstwxunloaded and azn_eat_rice - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 970k and a Miner for xstwxunloaded and KAI THX BAI - SUCCESSFUL!
Item Transfered 3mill for wordlif_e - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed a Santa and 170$ for khoahala and Unknown Playa - UNSUCCESSFUL because Unknown Playa couldnt send the money.
MMed a lvl 104 and 35$ paypal for Berencam and Ryan (msn name) - SUCCESSFUL!
MMed 5mill and 30$ for ireckoni and Jake - SUCCESSFUL!
Item Transfered 5mill for b0n3s - SUCCESSFUL!

::::MMed - 19 Times::::
::::Total of - 183,270,000::::

MY MSN IS [email protected] mail.com(ADD Me for MMs and so forth)

#4 Pureblood


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Posted 07 March 2008 - 07:01 PM

please don't spam link removed...

If you still want to contact me send a pm to me here i'll give personal msn.
MSN: [email protected]

Total Amount of Money MMed and Item Transfered: 766 Mil
Total Amount of MM's and Item Transfers:128

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