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Trading an RS account for a WoW account

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Posted 15 May 2008 - 09:34 PM

Hey there...I've recently traded my level 70 warrior for an amazing level 98 RS account, and it made me realize I kinda miss WoW :P. I have a level 94 RS account im willing to give for a WoW account. My 94 DOES have recovs, but i DO NOT know them. I got the account a few days after the 98 from the same person, claiming he fully quit RS for WoW now lol. Ive had no problems of any kind with him recovering accounts or anything, so there shouldnt be a problem after the trade as well. We can use a MM if you want, or you go first. If your trusted, I may go first. Please dont post saying you have high post count/a long membership to TTG as that doesnt really impress me, nor do vouches from unkown people. Vouches from other trused members, however, are what will convince me to go first. I'd like the WoW account to have at least 1 level 50+ character, with a decent amount of time left. If you have any timecards, I'd also take one or two of those in place of the account. please post or PM me if you are interested, or you can contact my MSN at [email protected] (be sure to replace the 0 (zero) with the letter o!)
Contact me via [email protected], or on aim at xtitan13579x

Traded a WoW account to pureownagekings for a lvl 94 and an ownage pure-SUCCESSFUL

Soul Banner trained my fishing level to 10 for free-SUCCESSFUL! Good guy. Trusted in my book.

Traded an ownage pure to PyroKitty for a level 98-SUCCESSFUL! I went first, good guy. Trusted in my book.

Traded my level 98 to Fat Santa54 for a level 70 druid-SUCCESSFUL! I went first, awesome guy. Trusted in my book.

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