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#1 Lewis BDesign

Lewis BDesign


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Posted 29 October 2008 - 09:55 AM

? i thik we should bec of [censored]ers like deat angel " cna i mm?" if i wanted you, you little [censored]er i would of asked so get your fat [censored]ing cunt of a ass off my thread :)

#2 Lewis BDesign

Lewis BDesign


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Posted 29 October 2008 - 09:57 AM


#3 Lewis BDesign

Lewis BDesign


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Posted 29 October 2008 - 10:00 AM


#4 MadHatter


    Obviously a Bot

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Posted 04 November 2008 - 12:01 PM

? i thik we should bec of [censored]ers like deat angel " cna i mm?" if i wanted you, you little [censored]er i would of asked so get your fat [censored]ing cunt of a ass off my thread :)

msn: [email protected]
MM'd: 932m & $321.00 and 17 accounts

gad damn u....i made a thread already IN THE RIGHT FORUM!!!!

why does every1 always do this...even if he is dead he would want us to put things in the right forum [To Allanon's "dead" self]

BEST topic ever made on TTG right here

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#5 Stop Reading My Name

Stop Reading My Name

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Posted 04 November 2008 - 06:06 PM

have fun with your incoherence

think BEFORE hitting the submit button not weeks after when you finally decide to put that paperweight inside your head to work.
Before reading any of my posts, please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

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#6 death_angel07


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Posted 29 November 2008 - 02:44 AM

ummmm i i ever [censored]en know your dumb ass i dont ask to mm


1.sold a santa for 2 account to satans spawns--- g to tha reazee mmed(sucessfull)
2.sold a lvl 86 main for 4m to lightsout237- g-reazee mm--- (sucessfull)
3.sold a fisher to darksoldier1201-g-reazee mm (sucessfull)
4.bought a pure mage 27cb for 205k--g to tha reazee mmed(sucessfull)
5.reazee tranferd stuff for me about 300k (sucessfull)
6.bought a ranged tank for 650k oleg mmed (sucessfull)
7.bought a ranged tank for $10 via mail from skillet (sucessfull)
8.sold a lvl 65 1 def pure for a 102 main to ryanb i went first (sucessfull)
9.sold a membership pin to skillet(sucessfull)
10.sold a lvl 90 to runbyknight for a pure i went first(sucessfull)
11. gave a lvl 47 pure to pking pwnz for free(sucessfull) cool kid i felt sorry my imposter took his account lol
12.bought 4m for 3$ ea from gatlerr he went first(sucessfull)
13. sold my 105 for $100 to z4maroak(scammmer dont trust for sh1t)
14.sold my fisher for 500k to mikester(sucessfull) i trust a good guy
15. mikester helped me transfer 4.5m to my other acc (sucessfull)
16.mafia wars accont sold me a pin for zammy plate he went first(sucessfull)
17.gilfer88 sold me a pin for x box live pin(sucessfull)
18. sold pin to Vzlarik he went first very fast(sucessfull)
19. YDED tried to transfer 26m for me only got 5m he died lol o well(sucessfull)
20. Mikester Transfered 30m from 2 accounts to my Pure (sucessfull)
21. sold 12m to jasko55 he went first (sucessfull)



1.Trained account for satans spawn for free over a 1400 total (successfull)
2.Trained account for ancients god for 300k he scammed me never payed me money (unsecessfull)
3.Trained account for aqua for 1.4m he changed pass and i only got 700k (unsecessfull)
4.Training account for Reowned Traitor for 7m (unsecessfull)
5.Training account for shadowninny for $8 pay pall (idk)
6.Trainded account from 72-78 range for sythekills for a pin ( successfull)gave me pin instantly good guy



1.mm'd for g to tha reazee and pinser(unsuccessfull pinser tried setting new bank pin,recovs,and took items)
2.mmed for c4p5 l0ck for his pure and Law_Me_pl0x for 7m(sucessfull)
3.mm'd for pking pwnz and paintballer121 account for account(sucessfull)
4.mm'd for rubyknight54 and darkwatch a lvl 90 for $10(sucessfull)
5.mm'd a zerker pure for tanker between paintballer121 and wolankec(sucessfull)
6.mm'd a lvl 92 and 5m between BÑιтιѕн LÑ”gιση and depressed lover(sucessfull)
7.mm'd a lvl 82 zerker and 97 bher between dog of j2 and str killz you(sucessfull)
8.mm's a lvl 27 pure ranger and 87 between Hilary Clinton and account for sales(sucessfull)and it was fast



1.xfered for c4p5 l0ck 3m(sucessfull)
2.xfered 1.5m from g to tha reazee's accounts(successfull)
3.xfered 1mill to rubyknight54(sucessfull)
4.xfered 3mill for darkwatch(sucessfull)
5.xfered 1.7m for everlasting death (sucessfull)
TOTAL MONEY X'fer 8.5mill





"What are you in for?"
"I killed a guy, how about you?"
"Oh I was convicted of Real World Trading"


#7 Vzlarik



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Posted 29 November 2008 - 11:14 AM

what an idiot

Trades so far
Bought 4 pins from jason = Still waiting for them, have been about a week now.
Bought pin from death_angel07 = Sucessful, Great guy

#8 Pure Blood

Pure Blood


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Posted 30 December 2008 - 04:26 PM


PureBlood (Pure Blood) Same person.

MSN: [email protected]

Sold my pure wood cutter to DCSK8RNICK. (Scammed)
Was going to train an acount for Lord Of Chaos But he was to bossy and wanted every non mem skill up except rc. (quit)
Trained one account for OMFG. Never payed. But gave me trust. (scammed)
Sold my pure wood cutter to ubernoob. No MM. He went first. (Sucessful)
Sold a pure mage to Mega Newb. Blackball mmed. (Both are trusted) (Sucessful)


MMing For Free And For Trust.

1)MMed a lvl 43 ranger for mega newb and blackball. 1.5mil. (Sucess) (Both Recommended)

2)MMed A lvl 70 warrior for bluedew and blackball. 1.1mil. (Succes)(Both Recommended)


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720 POST!!!! I am also Pureblood. Just can't edit my sig on that name.