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I am leaving too

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Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:44 PM

I am leaving because this place is TOXIC! If you know me from before runescape died then you know I didn't just pick on douche bags on the forum.... I did like 2 other things as well.

Well now that is the only thing to do other than mess with people / spam. Reowned Traitor/Depressed Lover, Pyro Raccoon and Hillary Clinton you are douches and that is why people hate you. You might not be douches outside of the internet but you sure as hell let it flow on it, but hey that's normal for people who are too afraid to be douches when face to face with someone. Actually I take that back, only Hillary Clinton is a douche, the other two were different kinds of douche, like a better than you kind of douche.

Anyway back to the point, I am usually a not necessarily positive person, but definitely not negative. So coming here and only getting to harass dick heads is just not what I want to do. Anyway here is my list of shoutouts that has to be made with every one of these kinds of posts (That's a big hint Pureblood, make your damn list)

Paco, the last list I made I kind of made the hilarious accident of doing the exact thing I was apologizing for. For that you get to be #1 on my list. Also you are probably the coolest and most legit person to join these forums.

Matthew, you are like Paco but black (kind of).

Pureblood, you get #3 spot because I think I may have had something to do with getting you de-modded... you see when you took away eloymans posting rights before that argument thing you had I sent a PM asking an admin to ask you to not abuse your powers (as a request from someone, I could have cared less). For that I am sorry because you really were a good mod. Hopefully you will push you to get away from this site because you get too much [censored] here and you basically get nothing in return since the section is dead.

Allanon, you are like a cool old man. Had you not been eaten by a snake you would have made an awesome old man that rides the bus everyday and talks to all the young people.

You are probably the only genuine people on here.

Ok here are some more because this is so fun to do, in fact if you look this is probably like my 7th goodbye thread.

Nadhatter - You are a douche, it is your duty to keep the other douches of