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I am leaving too

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 09:45 PM

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-----Law_Me_Pl0x -----
Good transactions:
WF Bought 1m from elvis869065------ Canceled. he gave back money
WF Bought 5m from VirGoods----- Succesful
WF Sold level 88 account to Phr34k for 3m----- Succesful GOOD BUYER
1/2 n 1/2 Sold level 89 account to aaron-hill77 for a tq point card------ Successful, went great. =]
Sold level 89 main to peacez for 1.5m---- Succesful great buyer Thanks GTech-warriors for mming :)
Sold level 75 rune pure to Phr34k for 3.2m---- Succesful Awsome buyer THANKS RS PURE FOR MM'ING!!!
Bought PBP Pin from Yawningpl0x---- Succesful Awsome seller THANKS RS PURE FOR MM'ING!!!
Gave free level 50 pure to death_angel07

Bad Transactions:
WF Sold lvl 88 to They Call me oWnAgE for 3m------ Scammed, didn't pay. Two weeks later I finally recovered it
Bought level 60 from c4p5 l0ck------ Scammed 13.1m from me :(. c4p5 has been banned!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WF= Went first
:::::::::::::ReSpEcT LiSt:::::::::::::
+i pk st00f- Gave me a s*** load of stuff
+Phr34k- I sold level 88 account to him for 3m, went flawless, Sold him level 75 for 3.2m, flawless as well. GREAT BUYER
+RS Pure[{Gtech Warriors}]- MM'd a trade for me and Phr34k, went flawless. ++RECOMMENDED
+Death_angel07- MM'd a trade, and a really cool guy
:::::::::::::TrusteD MM's:::::::::::::
+RS Pure[{Gtech Warriors}]- ++Recommended, MM'd my level 75 account for 3.2m.
+++death_angel07- +++Recommended, MM'd a trade of 7m for a pure, I gave a 430k tip + a free account.

Law_Me_Pl0x- Moparisthebest.org/forums

I vouch for:
i pk st00f
RS Pure

People who vouch for me:
death_angel07 (http://www.thetechgu...&hl=law_me_pl0x)