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Some 26k pvp trick loots

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#1 masive r4nge

masive r4nge

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Posted 30 January 2009 - 08:40 PM

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Also about about 1m in other items from drops in between these drops. 26k trick is ftw.
Also, if it looks like stuff is dropped back on the ground it's because I start spam clicking pickup then I am like, "Oh crap! I better take a screenshot."
Bought a tank ranger from stephen, the mm stole my 9.7m and his account, the guy got his account back and the money was on it but he would not give me back my money - SCAMMED
Bought 8m from Zimmy, berencam mmed (we each tipped 100k) - SUCCESSFUL
Bought melee pure from Timo for 5.5m, he went first no mm used - SUCCESSFUL
Swapped my pure for watdafoc's main, rs pure mmed - SUCCESSFUL
Bought 3m from lui, 50/50 trade - SUCCESSFUL
Bought 1m from lui, 50/50 trade - SUCCESSFUL
Bought 6m from lui, littefly mmed - SUCCESSFUL
Sold 2 months of membership to waqas for 2m, pureblood mmed - SUCCESSFUL
Bought lvl 83 Berserker pure off of Dr Tim for 6.1m, scron1x mmed - SUCCESSFUL
Sold a lvl 47 pure for 2k gpotatos ($20 worth) to Pyrokitty, I went first - SUCCESSFUL
Traded an acc for a pin from pinOi32, he went first - SUCCESSFUL (Recommended seller took less than 5 minutes)
Traded habbo.com stuff to ^ZC for an account with 5m on it, I went first - SUCCESSFUL
Traded an account with 5m on it to Skill Fury for a lvl 90, he went first - SCAMMER
Traded a barrows pure with rubyknight54 for 600k and a members pin, 50/50 trade - SUCCESSFUL
Traded a lvl 100 (96 f2p) with rubyknight54 for 1.5m and a members pin, he went first - SUCCESSFUL
Bought a lvl 69 pure with 94 mage from p0rt 0 p0tty, I went first - SUCCESSFUL
Bought two membership pins off gilfer88 for 3.2m, 50/50 trade - SUCCESSFUL
Firecaped for abdul ftw for 1m - SUCCESSFUL
Firecaped for pyrokitty for 2m - SUCCESSFUL
Firecaped for Rofl Rofl Noob for


Transferred 1.5m for rubyknight54 through BH (done in like 4 xfers over a period of time) - SUCCESSFUL
Transferred 3m for Disco King DC through BH - Successful
Transferred 40m for
p0rt 0 p0tty through BH - Successful

#2 gilfer88


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Posted 30 January 2009 - 08:44 PM

nice son
masive r4nge
masive r4nge
Gtech Warriors
Death Note
Bяιтιѕн L�"gιση

Things sold
Sold 1 pin to death_angel07 for his xbox live car he went 1st = successful
sold 1 pin to Death Note and yded mm- 1.4m=SUCCESSFUL
sold 2 pin to viprita and and yded mm- 2.5m and=SUCCESSFUL
sold 2 pin to El diablo and yded mm- 1.2m cash= SUCCESSFUL
sold 1 pin to Peacez and Gtech Warriors mm1-.2mill =SUCCESSFUL
sold 1 pin to Joey and Gtech Warriors mm-1.3mill=SUCCESSFUL
sold 2 pins to segane and hawk eyes mm- 2.2mil=SUCCESSFUL
sold 1 pin to segane and hawk eyes mm- 1.3mil=SUCCESSFUL
sold 1 pin to karles friend and hawk eyes mm- 1.4mil=SUCCESSFUL
sold 1 pin to lahevend and azza mm- 2mill=woot successfull
sold 1 pin to thechampion227 He went 1st -1.5mil=successfull
sold 1 pin to froobmaster he went 1st -1.35mil= successful
sold 1 pin to masive r4nge he went 1st 1.6mil =
sold 1 pin to masive r4nge i went 1st - 1.6mil =successful
sold 1 pin to rubyknight54 he went 1st - 1.7mil=successful
sold 2 pins to brithis legion and Hawk eyes mmed - 3mil=successful
sold 1 pin to monster23 he went 1st- 1.8mil=successful
Bяιтιѕн L�"gιση was suppose to train but he stop =(
traded pin to death angle ......pending still have not payed me
7 pins scamed scamed
5 account scamed recoverd

24+ pin successfull

sold my lv 79 account to Blooch for 65coin in habbo he went 1st = successfully
5 account bought successfully
bought a lv 51 str pure from iamthehulk for a member pin= successful
rubyknight54 quest for me for 1.8mil he went 1st successful
lv 46 pure deth note sold me james mm -1mil= successful
sold a lvl 32 ranged hybrid to fireboy he went 1st-200k successful
a em sold me a great pure ranger for 2mil no mm=successful
I sold the account a em sold me for 2.3mil i lost to much money in staking 13mil =(
cow of fire Sold me level 47 Str pure. Amethyst mmed
kaosunetrained my pure 56-60 str free=successful

Bouth a lv 115 form sellin lots of acc's 50usa i went 1st scamed recovered in 3 weeks
Tryed buying a account from fireboy mm sag3 mag3 scamed me my took money and his account 1.35mil and a lv 86 scamed recovered in 3 weeks
4 account scamed recoverd
a lv 105 got locked 13mil he went 1st
a lv 91 i got it hacked by a trainer i did put recovery how dumb am

xfer for fireboy 500k woot

xfer for rubyknight51 800k



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Posted 29 March 2009 - 07:48 PM

what the hell is the 26k trick?
Yes! I am the guy that started THE BIGGEST POST CHALLENGE many years ago (The only thread with over 1,000 posts). Dont ask me if I'm the guy, since you know now.

... PK OWNER i got ur back on this, as for you [Name Hidden] you can take me to court to, i have done as much fraud as PK OWNER by that i mean none

What an Elite (snake-master/The Cursed) had to say about me when I was accused of scamming in '06.

I joined in '06, and I was one of the ORIGINAL Runescaper's of TTG.

#4 scythekills



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Posted 29 March 2009 - 08:07 PM

if anyone wants to do this with my lvl 85
pm or add me on msn
msn:[email protected]
aim:zomfgitsmax1(bearly on aim use msn)

got Mikester full void no top-successful =D huge vouch for Mikester
Bяιтιѕн Legιση's pure from 1-40 attc 1-50 str-successful(tiped with pin =D)
trained Chuck Norris' pure from 20-60 attc-quit rs but still got him a few lvls, i don't remember how much tho, sorry chuck
training: r4pid skill's skiller, 1 hell of an order-success? got him something to 68 wc free
training: Sonic's pure for acc with 85 str-pending
training: punxrock's main full void-successful vouch for him

Bяιтιѕн Legιση's lvl 90 main account for my lvl 50 range/mage pure-successful =D
death_angel07 trained my acc to 78 range for pin-success great trainer
sold joeythesecond sms pin for 4 pures-successful i went first

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