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Selling lvl 56 druid

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 03:08 PM

Lvl 56 druid with a couple pieces of t1

20$ via paypal

account also has a in training twink human rogue....
PM me
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All Marked is Blue Are Successful Trades.
All Marked in Purple are scams or Incomplete Trades.

Account and Gold Sales.
Sold off 3 mains lvl 80,92,101 to B0unty Ko3r. Successful. Great Guy
Attempted to buy pure from Black Market Seller, Scammed Guy Before me. Scammer
Bought 10m ( D stone method ) Off CanIh3lpy0u. Successfull. Great Guy
Sold lvl 55 Range Pure Mayham Man. Successful. Great Guy
Sold lvl 80 Preist to Leroy Jenkins. Successfull
Bought lvl 72 Preist and 75 DK from MattHammy. Successful

Sold 2 Pins to B0unty ko3r. Successful
Sold 1 Pin to Kill and K0. Succesful. Great guy (runecore)
Bought 3 Pins Mayham Man. Successful. Nice guy (runecore)
Sold 2 Wow Game card to Devils Preist. Successful
Sold 3k gold on Wow Devils Preist. Successful

B0unty Ko3r

Devils Preist
Mayham Man
Kill and K0

Gave lvl 69 Str pure to B0unty Ko3r.
2m To Canih3lpy0u.

Scamming started with one person who wanted to make a profit so he started taking people for there accounts..I cant believe scammers dont feel guilt in themselves. Taking rs gp or an account away from maybe a 10 year old kid that worked night and day on his account that he loved. Scamming happened to all of us and need to stop right now. Some scammers don't even think that they might of made a 11 year old kid cry..I hope we can all stop scamming and play with trustworthiness. If you support this, put this in your sig. Thank you!!! Make thetechguide a better place!

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 05:21 AM

server? transferable?
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When was the the last time you've been to a park that wasn't in Falador?

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