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Account Rogue PVE full epic and ulduar weapon

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Posted 19 May 2009 - 05:13 AM

WoW - Realm Terenas EU – ROGUE LVL 80

What are you going to get?

Al the original Boxes I bought : Wow – Burning Crusade – Wrath of the Linch . There are dvds and several extra inside them as well.

My account with several pg . I loved to play as rogue and I’m expert about this class so you are going to get all my experience and you can play at best level on WoW.

Why I decided to stop playing WoW?

I loved this game but I started working so I don t have time to play.

What are you going to have on your account?

Main Pg - Rogue lvl 80 female, night elf

Play: (PVE) – (several pvp gear on bank)

Gear: full item 213 (epic and several more on bank)) , dagger 236 off hand + Greatness trinket (nobles deck). At the moment this pg is dressed with the best gear I have for dps. Concerning the stats it is expertise cap (26), critical chance is near 37%, haste rating is 400, hit rating is ok when you are in raid with shadow priest (you benefit from his misery skill) and draenei (heroic presence).

All information at http://elitistjerks...._updated_3_1_a/

Cycle: I use to play on combat spec, solid dps on boss and good on Aoe as well. If possible when you start the fight go on trick an trade and killig spree, than adrenaline rush/Sinister strike until you get 5 combo point than rupture, eviscerate when rupture is on. Blade furry when is ready to get more speed after you have done eviscerate or rupture.

Spec: Dual Spec , Combat (15-51-5) / Hat (was on testing)

Profession : Jewelcrafting (440) – Inscription (450)

Money: 3500 (+ couple nobles card in ah) gold

Mount: Epic fly mount , Epic tiger

Guild: Windcallers (on the top ten list of terenas) . This guild is for raiding, everyday you can play and talk with tho others on ventrilo.

Addons: Atlas loot enhanced,Atlas, Auctioneer, Gather mate, Gatherer, Deadly boss mod, Cartographer, x-pearl frame,rating buster,omen

How to play: I would suggest to use a 8 button mouse (mine is the trust mi-6950r which cost 25e on ebay) in order to improve the speed of your skill move. Key bindings is already set for this kind of mouse but you can change everything obiviusly

Second pg Alt: Death knight lvl 77 male

Main use: Gathering (in order to support 2 profession on the main)

Profession: Mining/Herbalism

How to play: a macro is set to switch from Herbalism to mining in one second time. Basically you switch when you see in your map red (mines) or green (herbs) point in order to keep active your tracking (very useful way to gather)

Location: Scholazar Basin (the best place for gathering mats to support JC and Inscription)

Money: 1200gold

Guild: Windcallers (on the top ten alliance raiding guild on terenas)

You can contact me at : [email protected]

i think value is 400e

paypal payment is accepted