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[Strategy] Earn Money from Neobux & Other PTC

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Posted 11 July 2009 - 12:23 AM

Let me just start of by stating that this is NOT some get rich scheme.
This strategy requires some time to set up, but with some time and effort, you will be making a lot of money per day.

This is pretty long, so if you just want the gist of it, start at the next "-------".

Basic information about Neobux:
-Pay to Click site
-Payout at $2 by Paypal,Alertpay,Netteller
-Rent Referrals, Refer users Directly
-4-5 clicks per day @ 1 cent ea for free users, maybe more clicks depending if you get lucky

Getting Started:
Obviously, first sign up.
Next, the interface for many of these PTC sites are similar, with Neobux having the fanciest interface.
Familiarize yourself with the interface, you should see buttons for Viewing Advertisement, Your Profile Name, and eventually a sidebar with many choices.
You will be able to click a minimum of 4 advertisements a day at the "View Advertisement" page, but keep checking back because more ads are added throughout the day.
You need to click 4 advertisements a day to recieve all clicks from your referrals the next day, so keep clicking if you want to keep earning.
Clicking on your profile name will get you to where you do most of your work. Changing settings, viewing referrals, renting referrals, ect are all on this page.

In Neobux, and many other PTC, you will be renting referrals. You will pay an amount of money to have people who click for you, for an amount of time.
You can extend this time, and also "recycle" (exchange) a referral for another one (most likely active).
Extending your referral's time costs money, and recycling a referral also costs money.
You receive a referral click every time one of your referrals click for you.
This means that (as a standard member) you will recieve $0.005, or 0.5 cents per referral click you recieve.

If you don't want to invest any money, continue clicking ads and build up some money in your main balance.
When you reach $2, rent 3 referrals. (If you can't wait to get started, when your reach $1)
3 Referrals will cost only around $0.75, but you need money to maintain your referrals.
Recycling costs $0.08, so don't recycle too often.

My Recycling method:
If a referral doesn't click on the first day, give them at least 1 more day before recycling them.
Referrals with a ratio > 2.50 and has > 100 total clicks are "good".
Referrals with a ratio > 2.00 are "ok".

Referrals with a ratio < 2.00 are put on watch
and may be recycled according to this:
If a referral has 15 or less days left,
just try to salvage any clicks left and do NOT recycle.
This is because if a referral has 16 days or more, we want a 2.00 ratio,
so would get 32 clicks in the 16 days, giving 16 cents.
Each recycle costs 8 cents.

Now that we have a recycling method, we need to discuss an extending method.
Prices to extend a referral's rented period vary based on how long you extend them for.
Extending a referral for 30 days costs the standard amount (usually $0.28).
Extending a referral for 60 days costs 10% less than the standard per month (usually $0.50 total).
Extending a referral for 90 days costs 20% less than the standard per month (usually $0.67 total).

Obviously extending a referral for 90 days is the cheapest option.

Now lets discuss "Autopay":
Autopay is a feature you can activate on the "Rented Referrals" page, at the top.
Autopay takes $0.009 from your renting balance (or main balance if renting is empty) on your referral's first click of the day, and extends the referrals renting period by 1 day.
This means that if your referrals keep clicking every day, the renting period will not decrease.
Also, since autopay is $0.009, over 30 days, autopay costs only $0.27 to keep your referrals for 30 days.

This all sounds good, but here is my take on this:
First off if you do not invest any money, and stay as a free (Standard) member, do NOT turn on Autopay. Let me explain my thoughts on Autopay:
It costs $0.009 per day for your referral if you use autopay.
This means that your referrals need to maintain a 2.00 clicks/day to give you a $0.001 profit.
That doesn't seem like much, right?
Well, without autopay, you would recieve $0.01 for those 2.00 clicks/day, but lose a day on the referral's renting balance.
BUT you would recieve $0.30 over a period of 30 days -> $0.02 after extending the referral's renting period.
This is less than using autopay only because you extend the referral's rending period by only 30 days.
The referral will make $0.90 over a period of 90 days -> $0.23 profit after extending by 90 days ($0.67).
Using autopay, you would only profit $0.09 over the 90 days.


Ok here is a quick summary of everything I have covered:
Sign up and click ads until $1 or more. (If not investing money)
Buy 3 referrals and maintain/recycle them until all are 2.00 ratio or more.
Give the referrals some time though, do NOT over recycle as recycles cost $0.08.
Extend the referral's renting period by 90 days everytime, or 60 if you cannot afford 90 days, but need to extend before the referral expires.

Here is where it gets easy:
Keep this cycle of renting 3 referrals and maintaining them until you are making $1.00 a day or so, of course still clicking yourself.
Now you can rent in larger quantities, or take out some money that you invested.
Keep going until you reach the limit of 500 rented referrals (for standard members).
Now buy "Golden" membership, which costs $90 per year, but is definately worth it.
With "Golden" membership, referrals give you double the money per click, so if they maintain a > 1.00 ratio, you will be making profit with autopay.
At this point, you will have a LOT of referrals to maintain, so turn on autopay, or leave off autopay if you have the time to maintain your referrals.
You should be raking in the cash at this point, but renting referrals will be harder.

Well this is the end of my strategy, and if you want to start, here is my referral link:
Let me explain, by being my direct referral, it would really help me out, and in addition, if you sign up with no referral, you will get sold into rented referrals anyways ;).

Neobux(Recommended, Trusted by Me, over 9 million $ paid):

Buxwiz(Relatively new, but still trusted):

TuiBux(Recommended, Trusted):

Thanks for reading, and GOOD LUCK!

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Posted 12 July 2009 - 04:52 PM

New PTC - Qualitybux (Once again similar to Neobux)

Sign up quick!
First 5,000 members get pioneer membership! (basically premium for a year)

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Posted 12 July 2009 - 05:29 PM

Bux-Service (Neobux Clone, Renting Refs Up)
Once again, sign up quick! New users during the beta stage get Pioneer!