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ASUS G50, G70, and G71 XP conversion guide.

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Posted 18 October 2009 - 09:25 PM

Alright, Vista is crud, we all know it. Win 7 isn't perfect, but it's darn good... at least compared to Vista. HOWEVER, XP x64 is STILL the most powerful OS Microsoft put out for the x86_64 and the amd64 architectures. All of you ASUS G series owners, you know, the G50, the G70, and the G71, probably would like that extra performance. What? You don't believe it's more powerful? You think I'm just some new Microsoft OS hater? Seriously? Alright, you've clearly. We all know that trick where you disable startup stuff and unneeded services to make Windows faster. Well, BEFORE you do that, XP x64 runs using less than a quarter gig. That's less than 256 megs. Now THAT is slick. Of course, you could then argue that Win 7 has better code and runs more efficiently but takes up more space... okay, yeah right. Just shut at that point. The disadvantages are that it's a pain to convert down to XP because the drivers can be hard to find, you can't download DirectX 10 to play Crisis(oh, Crisis is such a loss), and there are some driver issues with XP x64. Well, then just run Win 7 for things like that and use XP x64 as your mainstay because it's overall greater performance and just switch when you gotta. Of course, some of you will need to switch too often. Then just use Win 7 because the performance won't matter to you if you can't use it during a reboot every 15 minutes. Okay, now that I'm done arguing my point, here's what I offer: getting XP x64 AND XP x86 running with sound and internet on an ASUS G series laptop. First, you're gonna need to download the wireless driver so you can use device manager to update most of the other drivers through the internet. That link is here. Next, go to nVidia and download the graphics drivers. That'll also download the first of the audio drives. Those are the HDMI drivers and such. Well, obviously those don't power your speakers. The ACTUAL sound card is a RealTek sound card. The link to those drivers areĀ here. Now you have sound, high performance graphics, a built in digital camera and microphone, and an HDMI port and the comparatively extreme performance of XP x64. One last note: before you install XP, go to BIOS and change the hard drive configuration from enhanced to compatible or you'll blue screen during XP's setup... which is ironically already blue. I'm not sure if the eSATA port works or the mini FireWire port. I don't have the DirectConsole working yet. When I do, I'll post it here. Please distribute these instructions because there are a LOT of people this will mean something too. If you're wondering why I would put in the effort to know about this, it's because I'm a programmer and having more workable platforms that are all easily accessible is REALLY desirable. I also really like XP x64 too. If someone would like to give me the best instructions for getting OS X on an ASUS G50, drop me a line or something please. Final note: yes, you can install ExpressGate no problem using XP. I'm also not sure what the specific drivers for the ethernet port are; I know not all of you can get access to wireless internet.