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Selling WoW account, level 80 and 70.

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#1 TheLoneWolf



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Posted 13 March 2010 - 03:03 AM

Level 80 Nelf Druid, level 70 Tauren DK, Level 29 Twink Hunter, Level 18 Priest.

For more info please contact me at [email protected], can email or IM me, I'll answer any questions you have there. Please contact me there and do not post. Thank you.

#2 !JoJo!


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Posted 22 June 2010 - 05:02 PM

Hey, I will give u a runescape account for this. I'll also give u a membership card code. send me a message at [email protected]

People I Trust:
masive r4nge
death angel07

p0rt o p0tty


masive r4nge
death angel07
p0rt o p0tty

masive r4nge transfered 700k to my main... very trusted--- successful
robot99 help transfer 3.6m--- successful

robot99 help transfer 3.6m again--- successful
death_angel07 xfered 1m to account he gave me-- succesful
helped P0rt o p0tty xfer around 32 d stones-- succesful

masive r4nge 600k and a mem pin for lvl 96 main----highly recomended----- successful[/i][/b]
m0rbid angel sold me a tanker for my pure and another account--- successful
rsgold4life a lvl 83 str pure for his lvl 93 starter barrows pure--- successful
masive r4nge 1.5mil and a pin for his lvl 100 p2p 96 f2p
got a free lvl 109 from disco king dc---successful
robot99 my lvl 96 for his 85 with 3.6m--- he went first---successful
robot99 traded lvl 96 for 109----successful
death angel07 my lvl 47 mauler for his 90 main he accidently went first ----succesful
traded darkwatch my lvl 90 for $10 via paypal death_angel07 mm'd ---- succesful
trickery my lvl 84 for his lvl 79 and 11
paintballer121 lvl 79 and 11 and mem pin for his 96
p0rt 0 p0tty 3.5m for a lvl 99 with 90 hunter i went first--- succesful
Sold Mikester a lvl 89 for 1m--succesful
Sold yelyel1 a lvl 70 zerker for 1m--succesful
Sold lvl 82 tank to account sales--succesful


traded sammy nieves 2 membership pins for his 106----scammed

traded m0rbid angel my 89 for his 87 i went first----- scammed