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#1 eloyman


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Posted 09 October 2010 - 03:42 PM

zomgz this is likethe best site ever. I get free money from google adsense.

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#2 JB Lee

JB Lee

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 04:16 PM

That site sucks, they don't even have toaster porn...
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#3 Amethyst



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Posted 06 November 2010 - 05:23 PM

im a mod on it. it is rly gud


No, i'm not a scammer. I said I scammed someone to get banned because my activity on the markets was going to affect my GCSE grades. Sorry to those I [censored] with. Don't believe me? Find proof then. Oh wait, there is none.

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Bought level 86 main and pure ranger of MR.SANTA - Sent false details. Scammed. Left ttg. STILL OWES ME RANGER.

Bought lvl 40str pure off BloodSplatter SUCCESSFUL --- TRUSTED
Transfered Items for BloodSplatter SUCCESSFUL
Sold sig to DeScReTe GoD - SUCCESSFUL- He went first - NO MM

Sold sig to FagexFun.- SUCCESSFUL - I went first - NO MM - this guy is fishy. <[email protected]> and <[email protected]> both the same guy
Sold 2 sigs 200k to ttg forum ownage - took a while - SUCCESSFUL
Sold lvl 30 skiller to Holes 2mil - He went first NO MM - SUCCESSFUL - Trusted
Sharing acc's with 4rrows k1ss - TRUSTED - SO FAR SO GOOD -

Bought ownage skiller from gummybear (Gummy Bear) (Sythe) - Vietballer mmed - SCAMMED - Lost 6m
Transfered Items For X Spec Nuthin - SUCCESS
Transfered Items For BloodSplatter - SUCCESS
Sold Account To Phaded Flame - Original owner hacked back - SCAMMED
Dr. Tim transferred 300k of items - SUCCESSFUL - TRUSTED
Dr. Tim transferred 2m - SUCCESSFUL - You rule dude.
Dr. Tim transferred some items and 100k - SUCCESS
Sold Main to rs_g0d_2007Email Removed 900k - No MM - I WENT FIRST - SUCCESS
Sold lvl 58 account to m4rk0z 250k - SUCCESS
Dr. Tim transferred items again - SUCCESSFUL - MEGA VOUCH
Sold Range Pure to Last Kaos 1m - SUCCESSFUL
Sold Mage Pure to whiplash - Scron1x MMed - SUCCESS
Sold Lvl 71 to cassady - NO MM - SUCCESS
Bought Zerker Pure from Hawk Eyes - SCAMMED - He scammed it back, Yded is useless.

Gave free sig to BloodSplatter
Gave free sig to 4rrow k1ss - he gave me a pixel - i put stuff on it.

MMed for m4rk0z and Zero - Account swap - SUCCESS
Transferred 170k for Teh only 0ne - SUCCESS
Transferred 800k for m4rk0z - SUCCESS
Transferred 100k for Ash - SUCCESS
Transferred 500k for Judge - SUCCESS
Transferred 10m for Neph - SUCCESS
Transferred 18m for Neph - SUCCESS
MMed for Oynx and Ran3rben93 - 4m and Tank / Ancients - SUCCESS
MMed for Ran3rben93 and L337pker - 1.6m and a Pin - SUCCESS
MMed for Shenub and K Thx - 2.6m and 2 Pins - SUCCESS
MMed for iwillpku and Mickey - 500k and Mauler - SUCCESS
Gave Gtech Warriors Free Lvl 95 - SUCCESS - Great Guy.
Gave Ash Free Skiller - SUCCESS - Crazy Guy
Gave AbdulAlzherad free hybrid because he got scammed - SUCCESS
MMed 10m for r1ch b0y - SUCCESS