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digitizing embroidery designs 2004 autumn and winter clothin

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 06:52 PM

train collector html simple template model And natural close trend forecasts: a return to popularity index: ? ? even the autumn and winter, people also have a strong desire to close with nature - pure wool texture sweater,digitizing embroidery designs, warm thick yarn flower effect, corduroy, brushed twill, lamb, shearing fabric, denim is a back to nature feel, the grid pattern of changes in the composition and elements of floral patterns, natural leather and suede as a finishing touch decoration, all the ease of passing the outdoors. Humphrey winter series,stitch digitizing, the designers ingenuity to \use of different washing, printing, embroidery and other post-processing display personality, adds richness and comfortable fabric quiet taste. Nassau Court has also advocated a new naturalism, its design elements mainly from the \Bigfoot pants, with a fresh simplicity of the scene. Comments predict the trend of returning to nature flourished for several years, I believe the same will not be out of date this year, because the vast majority of consumers still wear comfortable clothing principle of the share. The comfortable and stylish, pleasing not only unexpected requirements, making the brand a marked difference between, it seems that respect for nature when the design is not unimportant, but a glorious, whether we can move people involved, also determine whether the trend back to nature can be more popular. Fashion preview color - high bright popular soft bright summer season of transition after a high-bright color will definitely eye-catching pre-emptive strike in the fall and winter on the new shopping mall department store goods around, eyes can be described as colorful. Some local clothing brand in the international fashion trends with the premise, an increase of Kwai yellow,embroidery Digitizer Large supermarkets sell cloth, pure orange, yellow green, brick red, shortly before the service delivery at the conference, even the relatively conservative Business Men's brand gentry waves, have exhibited a \ Also in the south only as a decorative fur is also biased in favor of bright colors, red, orange, sea blue, etc., or to take color, three colors, mixed color effects. Fabric - dramatic mix it coarse woolen or valuables are still popular winter fabric, and standing in an ordinary consumer's point of view,Tape Digitizing, this year, local designers apparently accepted uncritically the last year by playing big-name designers to mix and match tricks, patent leather, knitting, chiffon, wool, woolen, etc. together into battle, beyond, may deliberately create the most dramatic match, such as heavy fur coat with a flowing chiffon dress, satin or shiny goatskin jacket outside the ride, very different from each other against the background texture, its unique features. Will appear in autumn and winter fur of a wider range of decorative and affinity with the parties in the recent \fur trim. Patterns - cute fun pattern followed the summer on the elegant style, romantic flowers, full of national colors of the embroidery, pearls and feathers, a colorful combination of the common interpretation of the romantic Autumn, and life in some of the clearest color patterns, such as soap bubbles, smooth ceramic surface, cream ice cream, candy texture color combination of women in the autumn and winter Ian Pell's \Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan cartoon images of these classic casual clothing is still in place, usually combined with a sexy mature secondary colors. Blindly act cute is not the main thrust of this popular fall and winter, autumn and winter lattice wave blowing from the spring and summer, which convey the nostalgic atmosphere and English Institute of style and trend coincides with the season.