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check my system

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#1 Guest_jchakp_*

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Posted 13 May 2000 - 08:17 PM

hey my system is
amd k6-2 500 (fixin to be o/c to 550)
acer 2x2x6
liteon 32x
samsung 3.1 meg (oops i mean gig) hdd
via mobo
hercules stingray 128/3d (gitting a v3 3k)
lucent v.90 winmodem
usr 33.6 external if i want to use it
soundblaster 32 with 8meg of ram (ant that more ram the sblive?)
3com 10/100 nic
4extera fans
cannon bcj 4100
ms mouse
altec lancing acs-45.1 speakers
kds 15"
win98/linux mandrake
gigs of *chough*warez hacks crack serials keygens misc. *cough*

so is this a good setup


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#2 Josetann



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Posted 13 May 2000 - 08:38 PM

First, you'll be very lucky to get a k6-2 overclocked to 550. Now a [email protected], or [email protected] isn't that big a deal. I even got lucky and had a [email protected] until I shorted the mobo and cpu out.

CDRW seems a bit slow, but at least you have one (no excuses for not having backups of all those important *documents* I'm sure you're going to be downloading off the internet).

I don't much care for CD-ROM speeds, you'll hardly ever use it. As long as it reads CD's reliably, it's good in my book.

You may want a bigger hard drive. Until I did a complete backup and reformatted my hard drive, my 27 gig had about 8 gigs of free space. Three gigs is kinda low, 10 would probably be ok.

Via makes ok motherboard chips, not like you can go pop that amd chip in a BX board anyways.

Video card sounds good. If you're going to be doing any gaming on linux, a voodoo is a must.

Don't like the winmodem. But if it has to be a winmodem, at least you got one that has some kind of support in linux. At least you have the external one to fall back on.

Sound card's good, I'd prefer an SBlive myself though. The speakers are the main thing, sound card comes second. Good NIC. Make sure you place the fans so you have a good airflow (and I hope they're quiet for your sake). Everything else looks ok to me.

Hope you get over that cough soon.

#3 Guest_jchakp_*

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Posted 14 May 2000 - 07:12 PM


i'm 13 and i have no money so if you want to donate email me


James Holden "J"
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