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SATA and XP Problems

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 11:04 AM

Ok, first off I read the entire thread and have tried several of these fixes.

I have the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe with one SATA Maxtor 80GB.

The CD, Floppy, SCSI option works and gets it to try to boot. Also the jumper helps out tremendously (duh).

For me, the problem is that I actually install WinXP Home and it runs. However, when I check to see if the driver is installed under Hardware it is not. There is a yellow ! RAID option so I updated that driver with the same diskette. It seems happy and puts the SCSI RAID symbol further down and does not have any conflicts asking me to restart so I do.

But no matter what, when I restart, turn off, or otherwise leave XP the first time it gets mad and tries to ask me to go into safe mode and all that.

Then, when I plug my other hard drive back in and boot off of it guess what!?! It gives me a dual boot option and the SATA drive I just installed can be booted from! Whoa! Too bad I don't want to dual boot and have to choose every time!

So, my only other option right now seems to be the FAT32 fix. However, that sounds scary and time consuming.

I also don't think I have the NVidia data problem because that is for multiple drive RAIDs and I'm just doing a single drive in SATA.

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Posted 19 September 2005 - 07:05 PM

I trying to start with a clean install w/ my brand new WD SATA 250GB HD. I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe running an AMD 2500+ w/ a gig of ram.
In the process of installing a new OS (windows xp pro) I begin to encounter the standard SATA RAID driver loading problems that everyone seems to run into.
Minor inconvenience #1 : I don't have the MOBO disk w/ the software and drivers on it.
I've downloaded all the new (and old) Silicon Image SATA drivers off the web, and copied the necessary files to floppy disk from another computer in the house.
(not sure IF I even need these onese, so I added them anyways)

FYI the older driver version disk looked something like this
and a readme.txt

I boot up my comp, and the HD is detected by my bios, and then I boot from my XP CD. (Here's a weird part, not sure if it has any part in my problem….BUT I have to not only hit F6 to install SATA RAID drivers, but I also have to hit F5 to do a i486 installation because my computer will hang on "windows is now starting" after the first little jaunt of file transfers from the CD.
*Long story, and the only way to do a fresh install on my current configuration... I had quite the ordeal to get around that one during my last HD format, before some blessed soul told me about the magic F5 key.*
ANYWAYS… Back to the SATA, I get to where I need to install the drivers from disk, and I do so just fine. Then it takes me to format the HD, and afterwards it appears as though its gonna begin the installation process. BUT NO!!!

Setup cannot copy the file: Si3112r.sys
Make sure windows XP is in the Cdrom (duh)

It seems to want to check the disk and CD for this file, but doesn't want to copy. ?????? I know that file exists on that disk, I PUT IT THERE! I have tried every possible driver version available at asus.com and countless attempts of configuration of the files on the disk… and have even tried tinkering with the TxtSetup.oem, but I'm not computer savvy enough to know what I'm doing in there. I've tried different copies of XP, my mom's and my bro's. still same error. I AM OUT OF IDEAS!
PLEASE HELP ME!! I've been losing sleep over this! I can't seem to accept defeat, and have been spending hours each night trying to get this to work!
reply or email me if you have any suggestions
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Posted 04 November 2005 - 06:49 PM

The difference in formatting speed may represent the difference between a low level format that writes zeroes to the disk and remaps around flaws AND the normal format which is more superficial.

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Posted 04 November 2005 - 07:12 PM

Following all the steps you describe I get up and running fine. At first. While installing applications, I reach a point where the hard drive is no longer detected. I have started from scratch several times, varying the sequence of installs, but to no avail. A low level formatting seemed to help but that solution was short lived.

One tip I have garnered from my search for answers is that a conflict may arise by installing both IDE and SATA RAID drivers. I have not begun again making this adjustment yet.

My mobo is ASUS K8V SE Deluxe, CPU is AMD Athlon 3000+.


SK8V SATA Harddrive Answer:

Just built a new box using a ASUS SK8V Motherboard and a Seagate 160GB SATA Harddrive as my only hard disk.  Only IDE device is the DVDrom. 

Here is how I successfully got Windows XP to see the SATA harddrive and install on it.

1. Go to ASUS download page http://www.asus.com....K8V&Type=Latest

2. Download the "Promise SATA378 Driver" and "VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver"

3. Copy both drivers onto seperate 3.5" floppy disks.

4. Boot off of the Windows XP CDrom. Press F6 when it says "Install drivers for additional storage arrays" (should be just as Windows XP installer starts.

5. Press "S" for specify driver and insert the first of your driver floppies. And follow the prompts to install the driver.

6. Press "S" again and insert the second driver floppy.

7. After both drivers are installed into Windows XP setup, press Enter to continue with XP install. It should then see the harddrive and ask you if you'd like to partision it.

Hope that helps guys. :)


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Posted 17 June 2007 - 06:02 PM

I HAVE ANSWER TO YOURS PROBLEM. Work in GIGABYTE PRO2 and single Seagate 320GB SATA2 disc, but all we have Sil3512 controller. I using nLite and "Integrate drivers" function. You Can find meny beter "how to" description on the net. My step by step instruction:

- download Sil3512 drivers and unzip to folder
- download and install nLite (must have install net framework 2.0)
- copy all files from XP disc to folder in your HD (for example C:\XP PRO)
- run nLite, choose: language;), folder location (C:\XP PRO), integrate->drivers, press insert-> multiple driver folder, choose location of unzip Sil driver, text mode driver-> Sil.. XP/2003, next, next...
- Now you can burn in CD all files from XP PRO from HD and add boot sector from your oryginal XP CD (I used UltraISO) or find XP boot file for Nero...
- check your BOOT priority (CD, HDD)
- I press F6 and have floppy disc into, but propobly it doesn't matter
- Install system... and make have fun... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
P.S. Perhaps you manualy can add driver to driver.cab after error from diffrend PC/ file menager, but I doesn,t try this, becouse | don't have problems with my controller, enything work fine. :lol:

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Posted 17 June 2007 - 07:37 PM

Thanks for the info Dudek
But since this topic started on Apr 4 2003
and the previous post before yours was Nov 4 2005

I will call this topic done and lock it

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