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Forum Rules

Read closely, because if you break one of these rules, you risk being banned, for as long as I feel like it. First, absolutely NO warez or porn links in our chat or forum. Also, no asking for warez, serials, cracks, etc. If you are in any kind of doubt, as to whether a link or question is acceptible...assume that it is NOT unless I say otherwise (feel free to PM me, Josetann, if I am in chat at the time). There are many ways to spread your "warez" without cluttering up my chat/forum. First off, both feature private messaging. You can send a PM to someone on the forum, by clicking their name and clicking the "Send Private Message" link. In chat, you can double-click the person's name and type a message that only they can see. In addition, you are free to make your own channel on the irc server, and say whatever you want (unless I personally get in trouble with my host, which I doubt). Simply type "/join #warezforall", substituting a more creative name for the channel. There, you can do whatever suits your fancy. You can even register the channel to yourself using chanserv, if you know how.

Just to clarify, you can "discuss" warez, porn, whatever. So saying "gee, I like naked women" or "I didn't pay for my copy of Windows" is not enough to get you banned. But, saying "hot chicks at www.playboy.com" probably would. If you need these rules clarified, feel free to message me, or email me.
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