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    Slipstreaming SP1

    How would you like to be able to have Service Pack 1 integrated in your Win2K install files? No more installing Win2K, then applying the latest Service Pack. When you install Win2K, you are installing the latest Service Pack right along with it! Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't! Here's how to do it:

    First, get out your Win2K CD and copy all the files to a directory on your hard drive (I'll assume you're copying all the files to C:\win2k). You only HAVE to have the files in the i386 directory, but it's best to copy all the files since you're probably going to burn a CD and you want a fully functional CD.

    If you have sp1network.exe, then you need to open it using WinZip. Extract the files to a directory (I'll assume you're using C:\sp1). It creates a directory called i386. If you have SP1 on a CD from Microsoft, you should already have the files extracted and you don't have to unzip anything. Ok, here's what you should do (again, assuming you copied your whole Win2K CD to C:\win2k and extracted sp1network.exe to C:\sp1):

    Open up a Command Prompt box (note that you must be in Win2k already to do the slipstream). Type in "c:\sp1\i386\update\update.exe /s:c:\win2k" exactly. A gui should pop up, show you the progress, then tell you that it's done. That's it! You can now install Win2K from the files in C:\win2k and it will have SP1 integrated into the install. You probably want to burn a CD now right? But wait, you won't have a bootable CD anymore (at least not your nice shiny one with SP1 on it). Don't worry, you can make it bootable! For instructions on how to do so, click here. And while you're at it, check out how to disable Win2K's serial check here (don't worry, it's just editing one simple text file).

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