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    You guys probably get tired of all the legal talk day in and day out, so until some lawyer jumps in here, this is gonna be nice, simple, and in plain english!

    If you're just a casual browser, here's the kind of info we get. Whenever you visit our site, our webserver logs your IP address (or if you're connecting through a proxy, that IP address). If you have a recent browser, it will also send us info such as what OS you use, browser version, and the referring site (only gives us the last site you were on if you clicked a link to reach us, if you directly entered our address or used a bookmark, that info isn't sent because it's not relevent). We only use this information to improve our site.

    If you register on our forums, you are asked to fill in some personal information (such as your name). You don't have to use your real name, you don't even have to enter one! The only part that must be entered is a valid email address which is only seen by admins (there's a "visible email" field where you can specify an email address that anyone can see, it's optional). Cookies are used to verify your identity if you're logged in.

    Lastly, when you enter chat, your IP address is "mangled" to make it unreadable by others doing a /whois on your username. Part is left intact, so they will probably be able to tell what ISP you're using (such as bellsouth.net, aol.com, etc.) but will NOT have your exact IP address. Only an IRC operator is allowed to see your actual IP (and there is only 1 IRC operator for the irc.arshost.com server). Note that there can be multiple channel operators, but there's only one main IRC operator.

    Questions? Ask in the forum or email me.

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