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    Orm Services (Started by kapils at Jul 8 2011, 05:12 AM)
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    PBS Fires Cinderella; Calls Display Of Bare Foot Scandalous (Started by wushuang at Jul 7 2011, 08:16 PM)
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    $49 DirecTiVo at Expert Satellite
    These are going for over $100 in stores, but you can purchase it from Expert Satellite for only $49. The DirecTiVo is now officially called "DirecTV with DVR", but it's still a TiVo. A DirecTiVo is actually better than a standalone, as it records the stream directly (no analog to digital conversion), and has dual tuners! Shipping is free after rebate ($14.95 upfront though), and you get a free DVD player after rebate. Be sure to order all the extra receivers you'll need, as they're free.

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