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    Auto-insert your Office2k serial number

    Hate having to find your serial number every time you need to install something from your Office2k CD? How would you like it pre-filled in for you? Here's how:

    On your Office2k CD, there's a file named SETUP.INI. Open it, and look for the [Options] section. Modify it to look like this:

    ; If a value is present, the [Options] section gives the values of properties to apply to
    ; this installation. Specify them in the format:
    ; PropName=PropValue
    ; Remember to uncomment both the section name and the value names.

    Use your name for USERNAME, and of course your own serial number for PIDKEY. Make sure you uncomment [Options], USERNAME, and PIDKEY else they won't get read (you can leave USERNAME commented if you want, but you MUST have [Options] uncommented for the PIDKEY value to be read).

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