KB Toys Black Friday Sales
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    Our Black Friday section is now online! Click here to check it out.

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    KB Toys Black Friday Sales

    Black Friday, also known as the day after Thanksgiving. The busiest shopping day of the year!

    Early Bird Sales:
    20Q Electronic Game $5.99
    Air Command Transport, MA-1 Abrams Tank $14.99
    All Fisher Price Toys (excluding Elmo TMX) B2G1F
    Arcade Alley Electronic Hoop-to-Hoop Basketball $29.99
    Barbie Aluminum Scooter $19.99
    Barbie Dolls, Fashions and Playsets 30% off
    Big Deal 17-in-1 Pack for Nintendo DS Lite $14.99
    Blue Man Group Keyboard Experience $69.99
    Bratz Forever Diamondz Funky Fashion Makeover $24.99
    Bratz Genie Magic Bottle Dolls $17.99
    Bratz Genie Magic Fortune Teller $29.99
    Bratz Rock Angel Dolls $4.99
    Cabbage Patch Newborn Dolls $17.99
    Cars Movie Toys 20% off
    Dance Maker Hop Hop and Electronic Dance Mat $14.99
    Designer's World TV Plug in Game $29.99
    Disney Princess Cinderalla Holiday Doll $9.99
    Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk $19.99
    Dora Game House with 8 Games $14.99
    Dora the Explorer Etch a Sketch $12.99
    Dram Life TV Plug in Game $29.99
    Electric Guitar Combo Set $19.99
    Entire Stock of Action Figures ($4.99
    - $14.99) B2G1F
    Entire Stock of Everready Batteries B2G1F
    Fly Wheels Auto Stunt Ramp Set $9.99
    Fly Wheels Competition Set $9.99
    Free K'Nex OC Chopper w/ Vertical Vengeance Purchase $59.99
    Free Video Now Single Pack w/ ColorFX Purchase $29.99
    Hot Wheels Aluminum Scooter $19.99
    Hot Wheels Radar Gun $19.99
    iDisco Docking Station $19.99
    iZ Play Create Your Own Music $14.99
    Juice Box Personal Media Player w/ 6 Chips $9.99
    KinderGarden Babies $4.99
    Leap Frog Value Pack $14.99
    Massively Mini Media Player $59.99
    Mega Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean Sets $39.99
    Milton Bradley & Parker Brothers Board Games $8.99
    Nickelodeon Scene It DVD Game $29.99
    Nintendo DS Lite System $129.99
    Play-Doh Creativity Center $24.99
    Playskool Cool Crew Chompin Mike the Mower $9.99
    Polly Pocket Mermaid Stars $6.99
    Quick-Clik House of Style $14.99
    Radio Control Grand Canyon Express Train Set $9.99
    Secret Art Doodle Bear $12.99
    Secret Styling Doll $12.99
    Select Family Games $9.99
    Select Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS Games $15.00
    Select Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers Games 20% off
    Snow Cool Hotel $12.99
    Speed Stacks Stack Pack $19.99
    Spend $100 and Get $20 in Bonus Cards FREE
    Spongebob Squarepants Etch a Sketch $12.99
    Telestory Nickelodeon and Disney Cartridges $7.99
    Telestory Plug N Play $14.99
    Thomas and Friends 39-Piece Set $29.99
    Tune Time Animal CD Player $19.99
    U.S.S. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Playset $14.99
    V.Smile Learning System $39.99
    V.Smile Smartridges $14.99
    Wizard of Oz Dress Up Trunk $19.99
    Wooden Puzzle 10-Pack $9.99
    WWE Deluxe Aggression Figure 3-Pack $19.99
    WWE Elimination Chamber Playset $29.99
    X-Treme Blast Power Dart Blaster Attack Pack $14.99
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Collectors Tin $14.99
    Zapf Love Me Chou Chou Dolls $14.99

    Questions? Ask in the forum or email me.

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