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    Blocking Web Ads

    How would you like to surf the internet virtually ad-free? Before you had to either toggle images off, which takes out ALL graphics or install an ad-blocker program. The problem with the first solution is it's hard to navigate sites with graphical only menus. The second solution works a little better, but is generally limited to a Windows PC and takes up system resources (as does any program). Here's a simple solution that will work on most ANY PC.

    First you need to change your hosts file. Linux users already know what I'm talking about. Here's where to find your hosts file for each OS:

    Windows 95/98:  c:\windows\hosts

    Windows NT/2000:  c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (may need to be the administrator user)

    Linux/BSD/Solaris/Unixes:  /etc/hosts (must be root user)

    BeOS:  /boot/beos/etc/hosts

    Macintosh:  Hosts in Preference folder (case matters). Place the Mac hosts file in the Preference folder. Name it "Hosts". Restart.


    Copy the Mac hosts file to your computer. In the TCP/IP Control Panel, choose 'Select Hosts file' Select this file. Close and restart.

    Ok, now that you know where your hosts file is, here's what you want to put in it (Mac users use this list):       207-87-18-203.wsmg.digex.net       Garden.ngadcenter.net       Ogilvy.ngadcenter.net       ResponseMedia-ad.flycast.com       Suissa-ad.flycast.com       UGO.eu-adcenter.net       VNU.eu-adcenter.net       a32.g.a.yimg.com       ad-adex3.flycast.com       ad.adsmart.net       ad.ca.doubleclick.net       ad.de.doubleclick.net       ad.doubleclick.net       ad.fr.doubleclick.net       ad.jp.doubleclick.net       ad.linkexchange.com       ad.linksynergy.com       ad.nl.doubleclick.net       ad.no.doubleclick.net       ad.preferences.com       ad.sma.punto.net       ad.uk.doubleclick.net       ad.webprovider.com       ad08.focalink.com       adcontroller.unicast.com       adcreatives.imaginemedia.com       adex3.flycast.com       adforce.ads.imgis.com       adforce.imgis.com       adfu.blockstackers.com       adimage.blm.net       adimages.earthweb.com       adimg.egroups.com       admedia.xoom.com       adpick.switchboard.com       adremote.pathfinder.com       ads.admaximize.com       ads.bfast.com       ads.clickhouse.com       ads.enliven.com       ads.fairfax.com.au       ads.fool.com       ads.freshmeat.net       ads.hollywood.com       ads.i33.com       ads.infi.net       ads.jwtt3.com       ads.link4ads.com       ads.lycos.com       ads.madison.com       ads.mediaodyssey.com       ads.msn.com       ads.ninemsn.com.au       ads.seattletimes.com       ads.smartclicks.com       ads.smartclicks.net       ads.sptimes.com       ads.tripod.com       ads.web.aol.com       ads.x10.com       ads.xtra.co.nz       ads.zdnet.com       ads01.focalink.com       ads02.focalink.com       ads03.focalink.com       ads04.focalink.com       ads05.focalink.com       ads06.focalink.com       ads08.focalink.com       ads09.focalink.com       ads1.activeagent.at       ads10.focalink.com       ads11.focalink.com       ads12.focalink.com       ads14.focalink.com       ads16.focalink.com       ads17.focalink.com       ads18.focalink.com       ads19.focalink.com       ads2.zdnet.com       ads20.focalink.com       ads21.focalink.com       ads22.focalink.com       ads23.focalink.com       ads24.focalink.com       ads25.focalink.com       ads3.zdnet.com       ads3.zdnet.com       ads5.gamecity.net       adserv.iafrica.com       adserv.quality-channel.de       adserver.dbusiness.com       adserver.garden.com       adserver.janes.com       adserver.merc.com       adserver.monster.com       adserver.track-star.com       adserver1.ogilvy-interactive.de       adtegrity.spinbox.net       antfarm-ad.flycast.com       au.ads.link4ads.com       banner.media-system.de       banner.orb.net       banner.relcom.ru       banners.easydns.com       banners.looksmart.com       banners.wunderground.com       barnesandnoble.bfast.com       beseenad.looksmart.com       bizad.nikkeibp.co.jp       bn.bfast.com       c3.xxxcounter.com       califia.imaginemedia.com       cds.mediaplex.com       click.avenuea.com       click.go2net.com       click.linksynergy.com       cookies.cmpnet.com       cornflakes.pathfinder.com       counter.hitbox.com       crux.songline.com       erie.smartage.com       etad.telegraph.co.uk       fp.valueclick.com       gadgeteer.pdamart.com       gm.preferences.com       gp.dejanews.com       hg1.hitbox.com       image.click2net.com       image.eimg.com       images2.nytimes.com       jobkeys.ngadcenter.net       kansas.valueclick.com       leader.linkexchange.com       liquidad.narrowcastmedia.com       ln.doubleclick.net       m.doubleclick.net       macaddictads.snv.futurenet.com       maximumpcads.imaginemedia.com       media.preferences.com       mercury.rmuk.co.uk       mojofarm.sjc.mediaplex.com       nbc.adbureau.net       newads.cmpnet.com       ng3.ads.warnerbros.com       ngads.smartage.com       nsads.hotwired.com       ntbanner.digitalriver.com       ph-ad05.focalink.com       ph-ad07.focalink.com       ph-ad16.focalink.com       ph-ad17.focalink.com       ph-ad18.focalink.com       realads.realmedia.com       redherring.ngadcenter.net       redirect.click2net.com       regio.adlink.de       retaildirect.realmedia.com       s2.focalink.com       sh4sure-images.adbureau.net       spin.spinbox.net       static.admaximize.com       stats.superstats.com       sview.avenuea.com       thinknyc.eu-adcenter.net       tracker.clicktrade.com       tsms-ad.tsms.com       v0.extreme-dm.com       v1.extreme-dm.com       van.ads.link4ads.com       view.accendo.com       view.avenuea.com       w113.hitbox.com       w25.hitbox.com       web2.deja.com       webads.bizservers.com       www.PostMasterBannerNet.com       www.ad-up.com       www.admex.com       www.alladvantage.com       www.burstnet.com       www.commission-junction.com       www.eads.com       www.freestats.com       www.imaginemedia.com       www.netdirect.nl       www.oneandonlynetwork.com       www.targetshop.com       www.teknosurf2.com       www.teknosurf3.com       www.valueclick.com       www.websitefinancing.com       www2.burstnet.com       www4.trix.net       www80.valueclick.com       z.extreme-dm.com       z0.extreme-dm.com       z1.extreme-dm.com

    This solution is pretty simple actually. The IP points to your local computer, so you are effectively telling it that all these ad servers are on your own PC. Whenever your browser tries to retrieve an ad from one of these companies, it will look on your own machine and will fail. You're left with a blank area where the ad would normally be. It will also keep these servers from placing cookies on your PC, as you won't even be able to connect to their actual server. Another nice feature is you can update the list at anytime, and even undo changes at anytime (I'd just rename the file instead of deleting, in case you need to put it back).

    If you still would like to use an ad-blocker program and are using Windows, I recommend Webwasher at www.webwasher.com. It's the most complete web-filtering program I've seen to date.

    Questions? Ask in the forum or email me.

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