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    Super Swing Golf Pangya for Nintendo Wii

    The name Super Swing Golf Pangya begs one question: what is a pangya? In this game, you get points called pangya for certain difficult shots or impressive feats. In the event of a draw, the amount of pangya you earn determines the winner of the course. Also, you use the pangya you earn as a kind of currency to purchase new merchandise. Now that I've answered this burning question, it's time to take a close look at the game itself.

    The story behind this game isn't very elaborate to begin with. There are a few twists, but the basic story is very simple. You are a golfer, you best friend is your caddy, and you are playing in a championship game to win. In all fairness, what more of a story do you want? Sure, you could add in an alien invasion maybe. Perhaps your caddy is kidnapped by a marauding army of aliens and in order to defeat them, you must beat their generals in seperate games of golf. This isn't the case, though. You just play to win, and everyone you beat is really big about it. They just break down and cry, then tell you that you better go on to win. There could at least be key rivals that you face multiple times, and that provide a real challenge. I only give this game a 6 on the story.

    At first glance, the controls of this game look a bit like the controls on Wii Sports Golf. In reality, the controls are more complicated and there are a few fine-tuned aspects to this game. The first major difference on the screen is the lack of an aerial view unless you hit the 1 button. Aiming and selecting your club uses the directional pad much like the Wii Sports Golf. However, you have to point the controller to select "take a shot" instead of just swinging to practice or actually hit the ball. Holding down the B trigger to take a practice swing doesn't even tell you how well you swung, or even suggest what the shot would have looked like, and is therefore rather useless. Holding A allows you to hit the ball. The only feature that was added which I liked much was the addition of a grid with little dots when you get near enough to putt. The grid is dotted, with the dots being placed inside each box to show which way that box of the grid is sloped. All told, this game's controller scheme is a little complicated compared to the popular Wii Sports version of golf, and I think that in this case, simpler is better. 7 out of 10

    This game's graphics are a little surprising. I was expecting to see something pretty much matching the stick-figure Mii from Wii Sports. However, this game has full-fledged characters that are very colorful, as well as some very unique golf courses. The courses themselves don't have a huge amount of detail, but it is a welcome change from the Wii Sports Golf game's lack of imaginative courses. In fact, this game fits very well into the anime-oriented theme of Japanese games, and fans of that sort of look will be pleased with the look of this game. Since it is at the very least better looking than Wii Sports, it deserves a 7 out of 10 for graphics, which is average.

    One disappointment for this game was sound. There are no really stunning voice-overs, and aside from some cartoony music and expected sound effects like the ball soaring through the air, there isn't much. In fact, some of the effects are overdone. When you hit with full power just right, there is a loud Pangya shouted out, and the caddy skids to a loud and audible hault when chasing after the ball. It seemed a little too geared for children to sit well for me. I only give the sound a 6.

    The game itself overall was very average. For anxious golf fans anxiously awaiting a Tiger Woods release, Super Swing Golf may offer a more colorful experience than Wii Sports Golf. However, the game only rates a 6.5 because of its lack of an appealing story and overdone sound.

    Written by MT

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