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    Wii Sports for Nintendo Wii

    Wii Sports, I know, it's free with the system. So why bother reviewing this game? Honestly, it's because many people who purchase the Nintendo Wii end up trading in this game or just tossing it to the side without realizing what they are missing. The game itself is actually five seperate games which will be rated seperately on control/gameplay.

    Tennis is remarkably simple. You swing the remote. The game's engine controls the running and the approach to the ball. You simply decide which side of you the ball is coming toward and swing the remote at the right moment to lob the ball over the net. Of course, you need the timing to hit the ball at the right moment to aim it. Oh, and coordination to hit the ball in the first place. This game is fun, and at least a solid 7.

    Baseball is the next game within this collection. In this game, you hold the remote like a bat and swing at the crucial moment just hard enough to hit the ball out of the park (not too hard, you don't want to end up in some photo collection of Wiinjuries). Or, you wield the remote in your dominant hand and swing as though pitching- a series of buttons will decide whether it is a fastball, a curve ball, etc. This part of Wii Sports gets an 8 for bringing America's favorite past-time indoors in relative safety.

    Bowling has become my kryptonite. You step left or right with the directional pad and can turn in a similar fashion after hitting the A button. You lift the remote like a bowling ball while holding the B trigger. Then you drop your arm down and back, and as you follow through to throw the ball in the game, release the B trigger. Just like real bowling. And, just like real bowling, beware the infamous seven-ten split. This game gets a glorified 9 for that kind of realism (the Mii's behind you will scatter if you accidentally release the ball backwards. Oh yeah.).

    In golf, you select your club with the up and down buttons of the directional pad and shift your aim with the left and right buttons. You hold the remote as though it were a golf club, and swing in much the same fashion. You can swing as many times as you want to get a feel for it. When you want to step up to the ball, you hold the A button and swing while holding A to actually hit the ball. The wind sometimes has a strange effect on the ball. When shooting into the wind, it's hard to know if it will kick your ball up higher or push it backwards. Still, the game is solid 7 material.

    Boxing is probably the most interactive game in Wii Sports. You punch with the remote and nunchuk by actually throwing punches with each piece in each hand. You move your hands to your face to protect against head shots, and shift your whole body to make yourself shift away from heavy hits. This game provides the most fun by far, and easily manages a satisfying 9.

    Still a Wii game, Wii Sports suffers on the graphics front. However, as Nintendo intends to prove, graphics aren't everything. The graphics here are very simplistic. Nearly stick figure characters called Mii's, cartoon backgrounds with very animated settings give this game an average 6 out of 10. Yet, those little Mii's are just so cool...

    This game also has very simple sound. The background noises are very simple, pretty much the wind rustling and stuff like that, as well as some elevator-esque music sometimes. However, the action noises (like the crack of the bat and sound of the bowling ball rolling down the lane and knocking down pins) are timed just right to make the game just that much more fun. When the crowd cheers, you feel real accomplishment. Just for the timing, and the rush you get when you do well, this game gets a pretty good rating of 7.

    Bear in mind that this game is free. Even so, this game is one of those classics that is terribly hard to let go of. Even EGM voted it as the best multiplayer game out there. This game definitely gets a very high 8.5 out of 10.

    - Written by MT

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