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    How to Re-Install Windows 9x
    1. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    2. Click on the Startup Disk tab, then on Create Disk and follow the instructions. Windows 98 users skip to # 5
    3. Open Explorer and copy the following files to your startup disk:

      MSCDEX.EXE from C:\Windows\Command
      HIMEM.SYS from C:\Windows
      Your DOS CD-ROM driver (e.g. IDE-CD.SYS)
      Your DOS Mouse driver (e.g. MOUSE.COM)

    4. Edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS to load your DOS CD-ROM driver & mouse driver (read the documentation that came with the CD-ROM drive and Mouse on how to do this)

      Example CONFIG.SYS:

      Example AUTOEXEC.BAT
      @echo off
      ctload sbide.sys /d:mscd001 /p:170,15
      mscdex /d:mscd001 /v /m:8

    5. Backup your documents and any other data that is critical
    6. Restart your computer with the startup disk in the drive
    7. (Optional) At the A:\> prompt, type fdisk, answer y to turning on LBA (if asked), then go to Create primary DOS partition and follow the instructions. Exit when finished
    8. At the A:\> prompt, type format c: and answer y to the question Are you sure?
    9. Restart the computer with the startup disk still in the drive
    10. At the A:\> prompt change to your CD-ROM drive (e.g. type d:)
    11. At the D:\> prompt type setup and follow the instructions
    12. After Windows is configured install all your applications
    Contributed by GearHead

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